Homemade Glitter Chalk for Valentine’s Day

I have a cute and simple Valentine’s Day card idea for you today!
Its the perfect Valentine for toddlers through elementary aged children to pass out to their friends.
And its sugar free!
Its homemade glitter chalk valentines!
And there are some free printables in it for you, too.
To make the chalk you will need just a couple of ingredients that you can find at your local craft store.
You also need a mold of some sort (I used a soap mold and it worked like a dream!),
a bowl you don’t mind mussing up, a metal spoon (not shown), and some measuring tools.
How much plaster you need will depend on how much you want to make at one time.
You don’t want to make too much or you will just be wasting it. It is going to harden within a couple of hours.
To fill my mold, I used
1/2 cup plaster + 1/4 water
1 & 2) Stir the plaster and water until you get a pancake-like consistency.
If its watery, add more plaster. If its too thick, add more water.
3) You will have to play with the paint to reach the color you desire.
I used 3-4 tablespoons to get this rosy pink color.
TIP: Sift or crush lumps out of the powder before adding it to the plaster.
It will take a lot of mixing to get all of the paint crushed and blended well.
Now comes the fun part!
4) Add the glitter to the colored plaster and mix well.
I used gold and red.
It will take quite a bit of glitter so don’t be shy!
Spoon the plaster into the mold then smooth surface with the back of the spoon.
Allow to dry 20-24 hours before removing the chalk from the mold.
It should just pop out with gentle pressure.
Then allow another 24-48 for the chalk to completely dry out.
It may feel like the chalk is dry when you first remove it from the mold but if you place it on a sheet up paper you will see the paper become moist within a few minutes!
I used small jewelry bags (3″x4″ Clear Jewelry Bags) to put the chalk in.
I cut white cardstock into 2.75″x3.75″ rectangles to help make the chalk stand out.
Now we need some bag toppers!
I made two different kinds.
For the first set, I made some super cute doily bag toppers using glitter paper and one of the nesting doily dies which has been newly released from Lifestyle Crafts this year.
(I used the middle die, in case you’re interested – 3.5″, and you can get the set, and anything else in the store, for 50% off this week using promo code SCRAP!)
Score the doily across the middle, fold, and staple to attach to the bags.
I also made a cute little chalkboard banner that says
You are CHALK full of fun, Valentine!
in a fun chalk font to put on each of the glitter doilies.
I glued the banners to the doilies with Beacon 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue (best glue EVER!).
The chalkboard banner is available as a free print at the bottom of this post!
So everyone will know who the valentine is from, I wrote my son’s name on the back of the cardstock insert

(prior to stapling the topper on, obviously).

I also made some simpler bag toppers with a printable (free at the bottom of this post!) on white cardstock.
There is place on the back of the topper to put the child’s name.
I had more banners cut out than I had glitter doilies so I thought they might make a fun 3D effect on the simple bag toppers by adding them on with some pop dots.
Not something that you have to do, it just adds a little extra oomph! 😉
I’m excited for my boys to pass out these sugar-free valentines to their friends!
My biggest tip to make your own homemade glitter chalk for Valentine’s Day:
Because the chalk takes so long to dry, and your mold may only make a few pieces of chalk at a time,
DO NOT wait until the last minute to make these valentine favors! Start at least a week ahead of time.
And of course you can always buy some chalk and print the bag toppers.
No one will ever know! 😉
File prints on 8.5×11″ cardstock.

PRINT: Chalk Full of Fun labels
File prints on 8.5×11″ cardstock.

Disclosure: I was compensated with product by Lifestyle Crafts to write this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own. 
Affiliate links are included in this post, and I will receive a small compensation for any sales resulting from clicks from these links. 



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    Super cute! Pinned and tweeted! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at our linky party. We hope to see you next Monday @ 7 because we can’t wait to see your new creations! Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

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    Hi Michele, I love this idea (even if I don’t have grandchildren young enough to want some LOL). I got here from Flamingo Toes who featured you in her “crush of the week” post and now I’m hooked! You have some wonderful DIY projects that I cannot wait to try!!! Because I don’t want to miss anymore of your creativity, I am now going to follow you by email!!!

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    Ohmy! I have a million zilliin candy molds I scored at a yard sale!! I am now inspired to make chalk! I have been making chalkboard paint for awhile and this will be the perfect thing to go with my recycled cabinet door chalkboards. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. says

    Ohmy! I have a million zilliin candy molds I scored at a yard sale!! I am now inspired to make chalk! I have been making chalkboard paint for awhile and this will be the perfect thing to go with my recycled cabinet door chalkboards. Thanks for the great tutorial!


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