Nautical Knot Necklace

Its day 4 of Jewelry Week!
I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of sad to see it come to an end tomorrow!

Today’s jewelry tutorial isn’t as difficult as it might appear.
But it will take some practice!
Your supply list for the nautical knot necklace is relatively small.
Besides a necklace clasp, jump rings, and chain you will also need 2 ribbon clasps and some rope.
I found this hot pink rope at Hobby Lobby and they had a lot more fabulous bright colors to choose from!
I may be making more of these in the future.
You will need at least 7 feet (no kidding!) of rope to make this necklace.
The rope shown above comes in a spool of 15 feet so plenty to make a necklace for you and your bestie!
The first thing you need to be aware of when working with rope is it is going to fray like crazy when you cut it.
To prevent this, wrap the area you are going to cut with masking tape.
Cut the rope across the tape.
One thing I am not going to show you is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this knot.
Seriously, I found this awesome tutorial at that not only shows you step-by-step via pictures how to make this knot, but there is a video tutorial, too!
I will confess that I literally did and undid this knot about 10 times before I got it to work.
Part of that problem was trying to figure out exactly how much rope I needed to make the necklace.
It will take some practice, but you will get the hang of it fairly quickly.
And once you make one, you will want to make more!
The knot finishes with both ends on one side of the necklace.
Turn the knot over so you’re looking at the back. Put a dot of fabric glue (or hot glue) where the arrows are pointing in the above photo and lay the end of the rope across the back of the necklace.
Trim both ends using the masking tape method so that the rope only sticks out about 1/2-1 inch.
Attach a ribbon clasp to each end of the rope.
Then attach a jump ring to to the clasp then your chain to the jump ring.
Finish your necklace by adding a clasp to the end of the chain, and you’re all set!
I’m thinking I might need one in turquoise, white, yellow!
Don’t miss out on this gorgeous coronet bracelet knockoff from Bev today!




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    i love this and am going to try it tonight. what do you think about adding something navy such an anchor hanging from the middle of the bottom of put something in the middle of it? what do you think? i am going to make a few of these for my relatives and friends.


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