Minion Valentine’s Day Box

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We love Minions around here! In fact, I could use a few myself. When we found out we needed to create a Valentine’s Day box at home for the class party at school, we decided to incorporate our favorite cartoon movie characters! This year we’re getting a little help celebrating Valentine’s Day with Plaid Crafts and their Apple Barrel paints to make this super fun Minion Valentine’s Day Box for school!

To make this Minion box you will need a few supplies:
~4″x6″ shipping tube
Apple Barrel paints in Bright Yellow, Blue Bonnet, Red Apple, and Pewter Grey
Assorted paintbrushes
Black chenille stems
Yellow, white, and black cardstock
Black Ribbon
Canning lid ring
Box cutter

diy-minion-paintPaint the shipping tube yellow. It will take several coats but it dries very quickly so you don’t have to wait long to reapply. Also paint the top of the lid with one coat of yellow paint.

Paint on the minion’s overalls. It will take at most 2 coats. Paint two gray circles to create buttons for the overalls. Also paint the outline of a front pocket. Paint a red heart in the middle of the pocket.

To make the smile color I mixed the yellow paint with a little bit of the gray.

Carefully cut an opening in the top of the box with the box cutter. This will be where the Valentines are placed into the tube.

Cut out a circle of yellow cardstock to cover the top of the lid. Trace the opening then cut it out of the center of the circle and glue the paper to the lid.

Use a hole punch to make a hole just in front of the opening for where the minion’s hair will be.

To make the minion’s eye, cut a circle slightly smaller than the canning lid ring out of the white cardstock then a much smaller circle out of the black cardstock. Glue the black to the center of the white. Adhere to the front of the shipping tube, but don’t flatten it down to wrap around the tube.

Paint the canning lid ring with the gray paint. This will make the minion’s goggles look a little grungy – like he’s been hard at work in the laboratory!

I used a black twill ribbon to attached the ring to the tube. Run glue all along the length of the ribbon then wrap one end around the canning lid ring. Wrap the ribbon around the tube then wrap the other end around the other side of the ring. Once the glue is dry, the ribbon will hold the ring in place without the need to glue it directly to the tube.

diy-minion-hairTake 3 chenille stems and cut them in half. One at a time, thread the stems through the hole in the lid of the tube. Wrap the ends around one another so that they can’t be pulled back out of the hole. You can even apply a small amount of glue between the stems and the lid to be sure they do not move around but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Trim and style the “hair” as you see fit.

And our minion is complete! You really only need a few hours to complete this project then he is ready to party on Valentine’s Day!


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