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{$10} Rustic Push Pop Holder

I want to share with you a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to display your push pops for your next celebration! 
Back in February I mentioned that I had purchased this Coke crate at the flea market and had big plans for it.
Well, this is it! I wanted to turn it into a push pop holder!
I paid $10 for my crate, but you may find a better deal (or even snag one for free!) in your area.
Or maybe you have one laying around waiting to be use!
While I knew I wanted to use the crate for the push pops, I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. My husband and I brainstormed for a while before decided we were making it too complicated.
A little cardboard was all we needed!
After measuring the approximate size of the slot in the crate (they are all a little different from the wood warping), we cut some scrap cardboard into rectangles.
The hubby used a drill to put the holes in the center of the cardboard.
We folded the ends down to create a table of sorts. This allows enough space between the bottom of the crate and the top of the cardboard for the push pop to stand upright.
I wiggled the push pops around each hole in all of the cardboard pieces to be sure that they would be able to pull out easily without bringing the cardboard up with them as party guests plucked them from the crate.
I used some shredded paper to cover the cardboard so that no one is the wiser!
Um, there might be a little TOO much shredded paper in the above photo. 
I got a little excited. 😉

I love how the crate added that rustic touch to my tablescape! 
It blended in nicely with some of the other rustic pieces I used on the table. Did you notice them? 
Go back and see what you can find! 🙂
I link to these great parties!

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Monday 16th of April 2012

Super cute! And what a beautiful display!

Maureen Hayes

Sunday 15th of April 2012

Love the whole party display. For those who mentioned wanting a coke crate, I have seen them on Etsy so I know they are out there. I just found this blog via Positively Splendid and will be subscribing, looks great!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses

Friday 13th of April 2012

I love that display! I think it looks so cute ... such a great idea!

Sue Alexander

Friday 13th of April 2012

that is just great, I so wish we had those push pops here, I want to try them.

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe}

Friday 13th of April 2012

I bought mine on Etsy, Sue! You can probably find a good deal there. :)

Jenn Lifford

Friday 13th of April 2012

Your table looks fabulous! What a great display for the push pops and I love the balloons on the sticks! I would love to find one of those crates.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.