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Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board

Throw the most epic Harry Potter charcuterie board party with fun themed foods and decorations.

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Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board

Last year for Halloween we decided to skip trick-or-treating and have an epic Harry Party charcuterie board party at home for ourselves!

It’s been 3 years since we hosted our amazing Harry Potter birthday party, but you can believe we still have almost all of the party supplies still on hand.

So we got all of those party supplies out to decorate the house for Halloween and also used them in our charcuterie set up.

We were able to recreate some of our favorite party foods from the party as well as try some new things.

And, of course, include some of our traditional charcuterie board favorites.

I can’t wait to share all of the fun details!

And we have already decided we will be repeating our Harry Potter charcuterie party again this year for Halloween.

This is going to be a fun new tradition!

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board
As you can see, we had quite the spread!

I still had one of the plastic stone tablecloths (affiliate link) leftover from the birthday party so it completely set the mood on our kitchen island the for party food.

We also had an amazing cauldron of dry ice bubbling in the background while we filled our plates, but more on that in a sec.

My boys gathered their Harry Potter memorabilia to help decorate the table as well.

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board - Halloween Party Dry Ice
Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board: Dry Ice!

The dry ice was an amazingly fun addition to the charcuterie setup.

Here in the states you can find dry ice in most grocery stores (usually in the front of the store in it’s own storage chest).

Be sure you purchase no earlier that a few hours before you need it because it will start to evaporate immediately.

Store it in a cooler until ready to use and do NOT let it touch your skin – handle it with tongs or thick gloves.

I put the dry ice in a glass container that fit inside this plastic black cauldron.

Then you just add hot water and… dry ice smoke all over the table!

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board Video

I put together a fun video so you can see the dry ice in action!

And see our entire spread including more of our table decorations.

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board - Severus Snape Potions Class Harry Potter Halloween Party
Even Severus Snape made an appearance!

This life-size cardboard cutout of Severus Snape I made for the birthday party still hangs out at our house.

I honestly do not see how we could ever part with him.

He’s the life of the party, as you can imagine!

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board - Harry Potter Sorting Hat Dogs
We included our favorite treats for our Harry Potter themed charcuterie boards, including my infamous Sorting Hat Dogs!

They are a fun addition to the food as both a yummy treat and being fun to look at.

Harry Potter Howlers Charcuterie Board
I was super excited to have another opportunity to make Howler envelope treats!

I had wanted to make them for the Harry Potter birthday party but ran out of time to get them made.

They were a fun savory treat, and a great addition to the charcuterie board.

It doesn’t look like the recipe I used is available any longer, so I have created Howler Envelope Snack recipe.

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board - Harry Potter DIY Butterbeer drink Halloween Party
And, of course, we had to include some Butterbeer with our party food!

We brought out the souvenir Butterbeer mugs from our trip to Universal Studios a couple of years back.

We make our Butterbeer with a 2-L of Cream Soda + a couple of tablespoons of caramel extract + a dash of butter flavor extract.

It’s so easy to make and tastes soooooo good!

The bowl in the back is whipped goat cheese which we love to spread on toasted French bread or a cracker and top with raspberries or blackberries and a touch of honey.

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board - Baked Brie Balls
Another tasty treat we like to include in all of our charcuterie boards are these baked brie balls.

Holey moley… these are THE BEST!!!

We make these based off of this recipe for pumpkin pecan baked brie, but we like to make mini versions (using mini bries or a regular brie wheel cut into fourths).

One sheet up puff pastry can be cut up into fourths to make all four mini baked brie balls.

Our favorite ways to make it are to add a fun jams to the brie before wrapping it in the puff pastry.

I prefer fig jam, but my people love a good bacon jam with theirs which is why I prefer to make individual baked brie balls.

P.S. Apple jam is another good one to use!

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board
You can see we include a lot of traditional items with our charcuterie boards.

We like a variety of cheeses (I like to have an assortment of hard, semi-hard, and soft cheeses), plenty of crackers and toasted French bread, and salami.

I also included some pre-made fun themed food such as the golden Lindt truffles that double as Golden Snitches, pumpkin-shaped Reese’s cups, and some candy corn.

A few Halloween food picks, plastic spiders, and dragon eyes help finish it off.

Epic Harry Potter Charcuterie Board - Hogwarts Castle Jack-O-Lantern
Halloween was definitely epic around these parts last year, and we already can’t wait to start planning our epic Harry Potter charcuterie board for this year.

There are so many more Harry Potter themed food ideas we can try!

Do you have any suggestions of what we should make this time?

Pumpkin pasties maybe??

Or treacle tarts??

There for sure will be more dry ice.


>> See where I party! <<



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Friday 10th of February 2023

The link to the wonton howlers isn’t working. Can you share exactly how you make them?

Michele McDonald

Sunday 12th of February 2023

Oh no! Luckily there is not much to them. Make a cream cheese concoction (I mixed 8 oz cream cheese with some finely chopped green onions and a dash of salt), place a tablespoon of the mixture on a wonton wrapper, use your finger to wipe the edges of the wrapper with some water, close the wonton into the shape an envelope and fry in oil on both sides until just browned.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.