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Mario Bros. Birthday Party

Throw an epic Super Mario Bros. birthday party with these creative DIY craft and food ideas.

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Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party
Several years ago we threw an EPIC Super Mario Bros. birthday party for my youngest and it never made it to the blog.

With the new Mario Bros. movie out, it seemed like a great time to dig out those photos.

There were SOOOOO many fun and creative craft and food ideas that were incorporated into this party!

I feel the need to share in case you can use them, too.

I also have a couple of fun printables available at the end of the post.

And, of course, I will list the supplies used at the end of the post.

Having two little boys, we obviously have a deep love of video game in this house.

Mario Kart is a game we love to play as a family, and, believe it or not, I have my original Nintendo game system and introduced the boys to the original Super Mario Bros. games!

They loved the old games.

And they definitely inspired this Mario Bros. birthday party.

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party Invite
Mario Bros. Birthday Party Invitation

Let’s start with the Mario Bros. birthday party invitation I designed.

The template is extremely similar to my superhero newspaper invitation, just with that Mario Bros. theme.

The invite can be folded up like a newspaper for mailing out.

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party Table
Mario Bros. Birthday Party Table

There are SO many fun details to this party table!

I have a list of all the foods and party decorations that were made and directions for several.

The centerpiece of the table is the Mario Bros. birthday cake.

The cake is surrounded by lots of decorations including green pips, characters made from Legos, and little figures from the Mario Bros. games that the boys already had.

We have lots of fun food for snacking and some “Princess Peach” punch for drinking.

I covered the table with light blue plastic tablecloths (2 because they are so thin) and cut clouds out of white poster board to scatter around the table so it looked like the sky.

The “gold coins” hang from the light fixture are yellow paper plates taped together with a yellow cardstock rectangle taped to the center.

Super Mario Bros. Birthday Cake
Mario Bros. Birthday Party Cake

This may be one of my favorite birthday cakes to date.

It is several layers of vanilla pound cake covered in light blue buttercream.

The clouds, grass, and black writing on top of the cake are all buttercream.

The castle is brown fondant that was cut to shape with a knife.

Then I used a ruler to create the “brick” look by making indentions in the fondant.

The black castle doors and windows are black fondant.

The same castle design is repeated on all sides of the cake.

The flag pole is a skinny dowel rod with a painted wooden bead on top.

The flag is printed on white cardstock and wrapped around the flagpole.

The jumping Mario figure on the cake is one I lucked across in the checkout line of a store (you can find a similar one here).

Mario Bros. Birthday Cake
The cake was definitely a big hit and plenty to feed a crowd.

You can see some of the Mario Bros. figures around the cake that were already in the boys’ stash.

Mario Bros. Party Food Ideas
Mario Bros. Birthday Party Food

The food is always one of my favorite things to pull together!

Themed food can be so fun, especially with a popular theme like this were the kids and adults already know all the details.

All of the food for this party was very simple to pull together.

The “Fire Power Veggies” are a bowl of veggie dip with two olives for eyes surrounded by sliced yellow peppers, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes.

The stem and leaves are sliced cucumbers and broccoli florets.

We also had “Cloud Jell-O” which was layers of blue Jell-O with Cool Whip in between.

Other party foods included “Cheese Puff Fire Balls” (cheese puffs), “Yoshii Eggs” (green grapes), “Super Italian Sandwiches” (Italian sub sandwiches from Publix cut into small portions}, and Princess Peach Punch.”

We also had PB&J rollups for the kids that wouldn’t eat the Italian sub sandwiches.

Goomba candy dish
Mario Bros. Birthday Party Chocolates

I turned a plastic candy dish into an angry Goomba by printing and cutting out the face and cutting a black heart for the feet.

The dish is full of Mario Bros.-themed chocolates using this mold.

Video Game Chocolates
These chocolates were so easy to make and had so many details on them.

And I love that they have the retro pixelated look to them.

I also made a special video game controller chocolate just for the birthday boy.

Mario Bros. Chocolate Cupcake Toppers
I even used the Mario Bros. game chocolates as cupcake toppers for my son’s class at school.

DIY Mario Bros. Balloons
Mario Bros. Birthday Party Decorations

To save cost on Mylar balloons, I only bought two that were the Mario Bros. theme.

In addition to those two, I purchase some plain gold stars Mylar balloons and plain green and red round Mylar balloons.

To the star balloons, I layered black and white vinyl to make eyes for a gold Super Star.

To the green and red balloons, I added white circles to make 1-Up Mushrooms and Super Mushrooms.

DIY Piranha Plant Flowers
The biggest project for this party was definitely these Piranha Plants.

You can also see that we made some just plain green pipes with no plants.

They are SO fun, and a great addition to the party decor.

You can also see the fun “Power Up” snacks sign I designed for the table.

Also in this photo, a look at the simple bunting I made from some Mario Bros. fabric that can be hung in the birthday boy’s room later.

how to make a mario bros fire power flower
To make the Piranha Plants you will need

white felt

black felt

red balloons

PVC pipe in assorted diameters

green cardstock

green paper grass

green spray paint


Piece the two wider diameter pipes together and glue if needed.

Spray paint a couple of coats (any brand of a Kelly green color will look great).

Also spray paint the “stem” of the plant.

Once dry, adhere a round of green cardstock to the base of the pipe.

Place the stem into the pipe and stuff with the green paper grass.

Cut two leaves out of the green cardstock and adhere to the plant stem.

Blow up a red balloon and glue the end with the hole to the top of the plant stem.

Cut circles out of white felt and adhere them to the balloon.

Cut the black felt into the shape of an eye and adhere it to the top of the balloon to create a mouth.

Cut two thin rectangles from the white felt to line each side of the black mouth.

Cut triangles of white felt to make teeth and glue them to the white rectangles.

Mario Bros. Game Over Gift Bags
Mario Bros. Birthday Party Bags

For our goody bags, I used a base of a small Kraft paper box.

To that, I added a rectangle of either red or green cardstock for a Mario or Luigi shirt.

That was topped with a piece of blue cardstock cut to look like the Bros. overalls.

Finally, and round, gold glitter “button” was added.

I also made this fun Game Over sign to go with all of the goody bags as the kids grabbed them at the end of the party.

Video game over goodie bags
The goody bags were filled with:

a small plastic trophy

Mario gold coins (Party City)

faux mustaches

Mario Bros. tattoos

punch balloons

Mario Bros. pencil (Party City)

Mario Bros. Party Stickers
The main party decor was in our dining room, but the kitchen is also used to hang out in during parties.

I found these fun, removable Mario Bros. wall decals and added them to the cabinets.

After the party, my son used them to decorated his bedroom door.

Video Game Truck
Mario Bros. Birthday Party Video Game Truck

A HUGE highlight of the party was that we hired a video game truck to come to the house!

The kids were SO excited.

Video Game Truck Birthday Party
They had four large screens set up in the truck and multiple game systems available.

On the opposite side of the screens was a long bench for the kids to sit on and play the game.

Someone from the company sat at the other end of the truck to be available to change games and assist as needed.

It was definitely a gigantic hit with the birthday boy and his friends.

Mario Bros. Birthday Party
The Mario Bros. birthday party was super fun!


And, as promised, I have a compilation of links to resources I used and 2 free printable files.

Super Mario Bros. plastic tablecloth

Light blue plastic tablecloths

Mario Bros. chocolate mold

Video game controller mold

Mario Bros. Mylar balloons

Gold star Mylar balloons

Green and red round Mylar balloons

Small Kraft paper boxes

Small plastic trophies

Faux mustaches

Mario Bros. tattoos

Mario Bros. punch balloons

FREE printable Mario Bros. food labels

FREE printable Mario Bros. Game Over sign, Power Up sign, and cake flag


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Where can I get the Mario Bross newspapers invitation? I really like it for my child's 1st birthday. Please give me the contact information.

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