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Book of Mental Hugs {Homemade Christmas Gifts}

To help kick off Homemade Christmas Gifts week, I want share an inspirational little book that would make a perfect stocking stuffer.
I’ve dubbed it
A Book of Mental Hugs
Basically it is a little homemade booklet of positive and heart warming thoughts.
A little pick-me-up when feeling bogged down with life!
It reminds you to keep things in perspective and see the positive things hiding the in background.
So let us get started on creating this book!
I have 5 pages of positive thoughts available for you to download (see the end of the post).
Each page contains 6 little sheets for the book.
Print out the 5 pages of positive thoughts.
Cut out the 6 book sheets on each page with a paper trimmer, scissors, or X-acto knife.
The order of 30 sheets of inspiration in the book is completely up to you.
There are 4 themes in the pages.
The first, and most abundant, is full of feel good things to remember.
Another page contains positive thoughts for parents.
(good for when your children are on your last nerve) 😉
Another page contains words of encouragement and personal enlightenment.
And yet another page provides spiritual insightfulness.
There is also a cover sheet for our booklet.
Print and cut the two sheets out.
They will be the front and back covers of the book.
There is a thin white line in the middle of the front and back covers.
This is the crease line. Using a bone folder or similar object, carefully fold the book covers.
Apply double-sided tape to the back of each cover and press down.
We now have our front and back covers of the book!
Now comes the fun part!
You get to decide how you want to bind your book. There are many options!
You could go with a simple binder ring (or two). Large brads would also be a fun option.
I’m going to go the ribbon route!
I’m going to work with sheer and grosgrain white ribbons.
I measured approximately how much of the grosgrain ribbon I would need by holding it up to my book. Then I trimmed two pieces of ribbon and applied double-sided tape to one side of each. Then I attached the ribbon to the book.
To attach my sheer ribbon, I need to create to holes in my book.
In the center of each piece of grosgrain ribbon, I punched a hole in just the front and back covers of the book. Then I used the cover as a template to punch holes in the rest of the book pages.
IMG 5117
I lined up all of the holes for the book and bound them with clothespins to prevent any of the pages moving while threading the sheer ribbon through the holes.
From the back, I pushed my ribbon through the holes and tied a loose bow in the front.
(You don’t want the sheer ribbon to be on too tight or you won’t be able to flip through your pages.)
And our little Book of Mental Hugs is complete!
I have a download for each page available.
It is up to you whether you choose to print 1, 2, or all of the sheets for your book.
You never know when someone could use some words of encouragement and there might not be anyone around to provide it. This book of hugs will know just what to say
just when they need it!
This project was originally shared at Positively Splendid.
And I want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful comments and emails I have received since sharing this project at Positively Splendid. It fills my heart with joy to know that the book of Mental Hugs is going to be put to such good use!
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Sunday 12th of February 2017

Cute!! I really like this!!!


Sunday 17th of May 2015

This such an amazing idea - I have so many ideas on how I can use this! Thank you!

Sandra Jacobs

Sunday 17th of August 2014

Love this idea! thank you


Wednesday 25th of June 2014

Thanks a lot from Bolivia! You are so kind!


Friday 4th of January 2013

So lovely! Thank you for sharing them!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.