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Fun Zipper Pouch Teacher Gifts

It’s that time of year to gather gift ideas for teachers, and these fun zipper pouch teacher gifts are my new favorite!

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Fun zipper pouch teacher gifts
It’s always hard to believe when we’re at the end of another school year.

The fall always seems to drag on, then the spring semester zooms by!

And luckily I was able to whip up these fun teacher gifts in time for the final week of school.

I can’t wait to go into more detail about these fun zipper pouch teacher gifts.

I used some new heat transfer vinyl I am now OBSESSED with and custom made some keychains with my 3D printer.

And, of course, I have a complete supply list added to the end of the post.

puff vinyl on zipper pouch
Fun Zipper Pouch Teacher Gifts: Puff Vinyl

First up, the vinyl on the zipper pouch.

It’s called EV Puff vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.

It acts like puff paint when heated!

I have a video of it in action on my Instagram if you want to check it out.

I love the texture it gives to the zipper pouch

Funny zipper pouch for teachers
You can find the zipper pouches I used here.

They are perfect pencil pouch size.

For the puff vinyl, I used it in white, neon blue, black, and purple.


And how about the wording ON the zipper pouch????

I was shopping with my mom and saw something similar that said “Could be makeup, could be snacks.”

I thought it was SO funny!!

I love it for the teachers using school supplies in place of makeup.

custom 3D printed keychains for teachers
Fun Zipper Pouch Teacher Gifts: Custom Keychains

The other custom made part of the teacher gifts are these fun 3D printed keychains.

I made them with my Ankermake M5, and I will include filaments colors at the end of the post.

They turned out SO fun!

The Music teacher and football coach/Science teacher were easy to figure out what design to make.

For the other 3 teachers, I had my son figure out what his teachers enjoy, possibly outside of class.

The English teacher loves the Friends tv show (and rightly so in this blogger’s opinion) and has Friends references all over her classroom.

The Social Studies teacher loves Hamilton.

The Math teacher has llamas all around her classroom.

Friends couch 3d printed keychain
My 3D printer does not currently have a color changing function so I had to manually pause the print to make the color change on each keychain.

For the Friends couch, I actually used acrylic paint on the dots between the teacher’s name.

It was very easy and the plastic takes the paint very well.

funny zipper pouch teacher gift idea with custom 3d printed keychain
I used these keychain rings and clasps for the 3D prints and attached them to the zipper pouches.

I love them because they are easy to put on and off, but still very secure.

zipper pouch teacher gift full of fun school supplies
Fun Zipper Pouch Teacher Gifts: School Supplies

I stuffed each zipper pouch with school supplies including Sharpie gel pens (these are AMAZING!), sticky notes, dry erase markers, Amazon gift cards, and, for the music teacher, fun music-shaped paperclips (links below).

I think it all turned out so fun!

Useful gifts are the best gifts, in my opinion, for our teachers.

Hopefully they can use these items in their classroom next year.


Supply List:

EV Puff Vinyl

Zipper Pouches

Ankermake M5 3D Printer

PLA Filaments: Black, White, Orange, Shiny Gold, Brown

Keychain rings and clasps

Sharpie Gel Pens

Expo Dry Erase Markers

Amazon Gift Cards

Lined Sticky Notes

Music Paperclips


I am loving incorporating my 3D printer into my crafting now.

This is not my first 3D print project, but the first one I’ve shared on the blog.

Hopefully there will be many more to come!

>> See where I party! <<

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.