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Creative Upcycled Craft Room Ideas

Hello friends! Welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips!

Must Have Craft Tips & More!
Kara from Mine for the Making here this week to share Creative Upcycled Craft Room Ideas with you. I love a good upcycle or repurposed project and I love a pretty, organized craft room. Let’s check out these unique solutions.

Creative upcycled ideas for your craft room!
Upcycled Furniture

I love taking something ‘old’ and making it new and fresh again. Especially furniture! Just add some elbow grease and lots of love, and you can turn any dingy piece of furniture into a focal point of your room. Here are a few of my favorite furniture transformations that are perfect for the craft room. Some are used for storage and others are used for work spaces.

craft hutch
Upcycled hutch  to craft storage

craft room hutch
Upcycled hutch to craft storage and work space

crafty file cabinet
Upcycled filing cabinet craft storage

upcycled sewing table
Upcycled sewing table to desk

Upcycled Projects for Organization and Decoration

You would be surprised what you can use for organization and decoration. An old baby crib, a vintage crate, tin cans… So many options if you open your creative mind on alternative ways to use ordinary things. Let’s check out some of my favorite up cycled projects for organizing and decorating your craft room.

baby crib craft storage
Upcycled baby crib to craft storage

picture frame pin cushion
Repurposed frame to chic pincushion

soda crate paint storage
Upcycled Crates to craft shelves

metal tray note holder
Upcycled tray to magnetic board

upcycled bed springs storage
Upcycled bed spring to craft storage

repurposed storage tins
Repurposed tins to pencil holder

framed sewing thread
Repurposed frame to thread holder


Such great ideas! Most times that I upcycle or repurpose something, I save money doing so and I love it so much more because of the effort put into it. Do you have any upcycled projects or pieces in your craft room?

Must Have Craft Tips & More!
Join us next week for more tips on using upcycled ideas in your homes!


Your hostesses,
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.