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DIY Trendy Spiral Note Pads

If you find that cute notebooks and note pads are too pricey, try your hand at these DIY trendy spiral note pads.

DIY Trendy Spiral Note Pads
I have a super fun upcycle project for you guys today:

Give inexpensive spiral note pads a trendy new look by changing out the covers with patterned scrapbook paper!

I love, love, love school supplies.

When I’m done buying everything my kids need for the new school year, I start looking around for things I might want!

And I noticed that all of the fun note pads and note books were so much more pricier than the plain ones.

What a bummer!

But then I thought, why can’t I just get the plain ones, and dress them up myself??

I mean, I do own a TON of pretty patterned scrapbook paper.

DIY Trendy Spiral Note Pads
I found a pack of small spiral note pads at Staples for just a couple of dollars.

Such a steal for what I had planned for them!

And predictably boring on the outside.

Perfect for dressing up!

DIY Trendy Spiral Note Pads
To remove the cover of the note pad you need to:

1) Bind together the pages of the note pad and the back cover with a binder clip. Leave the front cover loose.

2) At the top and bottom of the spiral the wire is bent. Straighten it with a pair of pliers.

3) Wind the spiral out of the note pad.

4) Use the cover as a template to cut scrapbook paper into the same size. I suggest thicker cardstock papers so they will hold up well to use.

5) Bind old cover and new scrapbook paper covers together. Use the old cover as a guide and punch holes for the new note pad covers.

If you have a Crop-a-dile (affiliate link), use the smaller punch and it will go through all of the layers like butter.

DIY Trendy Spiral Note Pads
Place the new cover on each note pad.

Re-thread the spiral back through, bending the ends again with the pliers.

Easy peasy, right??

DIY Trendy Spiral Note Pads
I think these DIY trendy spiral note pafs would make great back to school gifts, teacher gifts, and even stocking stuffers!

With the variety of a scrapbook paper available, you can really come up with something for just about any occasion.

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This post was originally shared August, 2015.

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Wednesday 7th of July 2021

I found this post on Bloglovin and what a great idea! I absolutely love it and I love that it seems so easy to do. Thanks for sharing!


Friday 30th of August 2019

This is a GREAT idea! I have covered and decorated notebooks before, but never actually replaced the cover. I love notebooks, and I have SO MUCH patterned cardstock, so this is something I will definitely do! I'm not sure if you've shared this at the Thursday Favorite Things link party, but if not, please come on over to my blog and share!


Friday 30th of August 2019

What a great cost-effective idea and the notebooks came out beautiful. Thanks for linking this idea up with us at #OMGHWW.

Nina Lewis

Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

I'm dropping by from the Ginger Snap Crafts link party. I absolutely LOVE this idea! I use little notebooks all the time. Sometimes I can't find a color that I like -- now I can give it a snazzy, beautiful cover. Thanks so much for sharing this!

I have a link party that I am trying to grow. I invite you to share this ideas (and a couple of other ones) at my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party at My readers would love this idea as much as I do!

My link party goes from Wednesday through Friday night at midnight Mountain Daylight Time. I hope that you will be able to make it.

All the best, Nina


Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

Such a great idea Thanks for sharing.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.