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Hoo Are You Tuesday

Its time for edition #5 of Hoo Are You Tuesday!


If you want to play along be sure to link up with Leslie at Night Owl Crafting!

This week’s questions:

1. What is your favorite restaurant?
I have several and all of them are local! We have a fab pizza place, New Orleans themed restaurant, and a super yummy Japaneses place named Sake.

2. What kind of music do you like?
Anything but COUNTRY! lol! Yeah, I live in Nashville. 🙂
I like music from Sugar Ray, Matchbox 20, Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffett, and the like. Kind of eclectic.

3. What do you watch on TV?
I’m totally addicted to Project Runway when its in season. I also love Burn Notice and Chuck (I have a thing for spies???)

4. Do you enjoy reading and if so what kind of books do you read?
I ♥ ♥ ♥ to read!! I gobble books up. Mostly action adventure books. I love Clive Cussler, Douglas Preston, and James Rollins. Right now I’m reading a book from Lisa Gardener. If I find an author I love, I pretty much wear out their book list asap. Oh, and the only time I have to read? My 30 minute lunch break at work. 😉

5. What is your favorite color?
I love purple, but turquoise may be taking over. I love how bright and fun it is. And, of course, it reminds me of being somewhere tropical!


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Tuesday 6th of July 2010

I can't believe you live in Nashville and don't like country music! I think I need to make a trip to visit you, so that I can eat it up! I also think I need to come and eat at those yummy restaurants that you were talking about! Thanks for linking up to Hoo are you?

Robyn Fish

Tuesday 6th of July 2010

Shoot! I totally have to go add Chuck and Project Runway to my list. How could I forget about those. I feel like a flakey fan. Random note about Chuck- I sell lia sophia jewelry and there is a pair of earrings that have shown up twice on Chuck. Makes me GIDDY every time. Pathetic, I know.....


Tuesday 6th of July 2010

I love purple too, but I hear ya about the tropical thing.

The Paisley Cupcake

Tuesday 6th of July 2010

I also love burn notice!!! I should go back and add that to my list;)visiting from night owl crafting-amanda


Tuesday 6th of July 2010

I have seen Chuck a few times! So funny! And purple is my fave color too! YAY!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.