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HTV Zipper Pouches

Turn your favorite heat transfer vinyl into fun HTV zipper pouches!

patriotic farmhouse htv zipper pouches
I shared a sneak peek of this project on Instagram over the weekend.

I am SO excited with how this project turned out!

I turned heat transfer vinyl from my Patriotic Farmhouse collection (no longer available) into fabulous HTV Zipper Pouches!

If you like these patterns, grab them quick! They will only be available a few more days.

Can you believe you can use HTV like fabric?

I was so excited I ended up with 4 new HTV zipper pouches – one of which my husband has already confiscated to keep in Old Blue (our ’66 Ford F100).

Heat transfer vinyl zipper pouches
The old Ford belonged to my grandfather who bought it new in 1966.

He used it as a farm truck for years and years, before retiring it to live in a barn.

There is stayed for 20 years until my husband came along and asked my grandmother if he could have it to fix up.

But life was busy then, and the Ford ended up living in our detached garage for another 10 years before COVID hit and suddenly everyone had more time.

Now it runs, and we take it to town on errands and whatnot.

We all love it!

And it has a lot to do with the vinyl collection I created.

old pickup trucks heat transfer vinyl
HTV Zipper Pouches: Instructions

Cut your fabric and HTV to be the same size.

I am using 6″x9″ pieces.

You want a nice solid fabric to be the base of your HTV.

Turn Heat Transfer Vinyl into Fabric
Iron the HTV to the fabric according to package directions.

For this vinyl, that is 18 seconds at 305 degrees F.

You will need to “sheet” of the new HTV fabric, both at the same size.

add zipper to htv zipper pouch
You will also need two pieces of fabric, also 6″x9″ for the inside of the zipper pouch.

Stitch one side of the outer zipper fabric, and one part of the inner zipper fabric to your zipper.

Repeat with the other side of the zipper.


This tutorial is fairly brief as far as the direction for sewing a zipper pouch go.

For a more in depth directions, visit my washi tape zipper pouch tutorial.

outside/inside zipper pouch
You should now have a front and back of the zipper pouch with the outer and inner fabrics.

stitching the edges of the zipper pouch
Line up the outer fabric on top of one another, as well as the inner fabrics.

TIP: Be sure the zipper is OPEN before sewing.

Stitch around the edges of the fabric, leaving a gap that is several inches wide (see arrow).

Pull the fabric right side out through the hole.

Stitch the hole closed.

HTV zipper pouches
And this is the result!

How fun is this HTV zipper pouch??

The HTV gives the pouch a fun feel, almost like duck cloth.


 TIP: If the HTV looks too wrinkly for your likes, cover it with a piece of cotton fabric and iron at 300 degrees F to smooth it out.

DIY HTV Zipper Pouch
I can barely believe this zipper pouch started as a piece of heat transfer vinyl.

old ford pickup truck zipper pouch
I obviously had to do a mini photo shoot with the HTV zipper pouches and Old Blue.

Don’t they go together nicely?

old pickup trucks zipper pouch
This is the zipper pouch my husband confiscated from me.

He said it should live in Old Blue, and I agree with him.

Besides, I have 3 others (so far!) to play with.


Now what other HTVs should I try this with….???


>> See where I party! <<


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.