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Let’s Talk Scissors!

You may recall my post two weeks ago Back to Basics where I discussed basic supplies in today’s scrapbook world. At the end of that post I shared my basic supplies.

Did you notice anything odd in the pictures I showed you of the supplies I keep on my desk?

Go ahead, hit the link and look again. I’ll wait…

Still don’t spot anything odd?

Take a look at this picture in particular…

IMG 4017

Did you spot the 3, yes THREE, pairs of scissors??

Okay, you may think I’m a little freakish for this, but I *must* have 3 pairs of scissors available when I scrapbook or craft in general. Why 3? Let me tell you!

IMG 4020

The pair on the left are my “adhesive” scissors. I use them anytime I need to cut anything I’ve used a glue stick or glue dots on. Sometimes I even cut my glue dots in half… crazy, I know. I also use these scissors on cardboard and thicker papers.

The middle pair of scissors are what I consider to be my “good” scissors. No one in my house is allowed to touch them except me. They are for cutting thin papers, thread, and ribbon. Nothing else! LOL!

The third pair are pretty standard for most scrapbookers. The Cutter Bees have a micro tip that is great for cutting small things and sharp enough to cut thread and ribbon.

So, you see, I *have* to have all 3 pairs of scissors since they are all for different projects! 🙂

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Monday 28th of September 2009

I have at least that many scissors, but not for that's cuz I am so disorganized and lose them halfway thru scrapping...hahahahahahahah

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.