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Pirate Costume

Get a sneak peek at this DIY toddler pirate costume for Halloween!

I trust that everyone has had a spectacular Halloween!

This one was so much fun for us.

This was our little man’s first time to go trick or treating!

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but he absolutely LOVED it.

He was basically walking around the neighborhood chanting, “CANDY!”

IMG 1584
We started off in the wagon to which the hubs geniously hooked up our candy corn lights.

There was no missing us walking up and down the road!

IMG 1587
My little pirate was sooooo cute!

(Ignore the bribe candy in his hand and half a mustache…)

His costume ended up being super simple to pull together.

Blue and white striped onesie

Thermal long sleeve white shirt (b/c it was a little chilly)

Inexpensive black sweatpants from Walmart cut with ragged ends

Pirate hat

Foam sword


Vest, boots, and loot bag made from felt (see how I made them here!)

Belt made from red ribbon

Failed attempt at a cool pirate mustache

(I made the ‘stache only to have him pull half of it off before we ever left the house. It was going to take too long to get the other half off easily so we just went with it!)

IMG 1588
The hubs in his “pirate” attire.

I was hoping if he wore a mustache then the little man would be more likely to keep his on.

We can see how well that went…

IMG 1598
I have been loving all of the homemade Halloween preggo shirts I’ve been seeing in blogland so I decided to get in on the action.

I had some cool demon horns to wear so I made myself a fun little demon peeking out of my belly.

IMG 1592
Did I mention my horns lit up?

Too fun!

IMG 1553
The front of little man’s vest.

Full tutorial can be found here.

IMG 1554
I thought it would be really fun to have a treasure map on the back of the vest.

I’m loving how it turned out!

IMG 1556
Faux boots.

With these, the little guy was able to wear his regular shoes while these made it look as though he was wearing pirate boots.

They ended up looking great!

The full tutorial for these can be found here.

IMG 1560
And, of course, you can’t have a pirate without a bag of loot!

So this is his custom loot bag for all of his gold coins.

Full tutorial for the loot bag here.


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Monday 1st of November 2010

LOVE that your horns lit up!! And your son makes just about the cutest lil pirate I've ever seen!! He sounds just like my Little Man! Instead of saying "Trick or Treat", he would just scream, "MORE!" when they opened the door!!


Monday 1st of November 2010

Oh my gosh, totally TOTALLY cute-sa-rootsy!!


Monday 1st of November 2010

Too cute!


Monday 1st of November 2010

The half-mustache is cracking me up! I am hosting a Costume Parade today and this post would be just perfect. Stop by if you get a chance!-Jami


Monday 1st of November 2010

1/2 a mustache? I love it!

Visit my blog - I think you'll find a fun surprise today ;)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.