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A Positively Splendid Meeting!

Most of you probably already know of Amy and her fun blog Positively Splendid.
(If you don’t, you must go check it out!)
Positively Splendid
I’ve been a fan for quite some time!

I love her style, her openess, and you won’t meet a more friendly blogger.

Through commenting on one anothers blogs, we became friends of sorts as bloggers do, supporting one anothers posts.

Imagine my surprise when I found out late last year that this blogger I admired so much was moving my way!

Amy now lives only about 20 minutes or so away, and I couldn’t be more delighted!

We finally had a chance to get together this last week. Kiddos in tow!

IMG 2255

How adorable are Amy and her 3 kiddos!

We had a great dinner and conversation, even with 4 kids under the age of 5!

And I’m pretty sure my son was completely fascinated with her son.  😉

IMG 2253

The highlight for the little ones was standing (and sometimes jumping) on the tv in the floor of the lobby. They had so much fun I just couldn’t leave this picture out!
We’ve already planned our next outing, and I’m hoping to absorb some great crafty inspiration from her. I’m always blown away from her sewing projects. (I don’t sew!) Maybe I’ll develop some skills via osmosis. What do you think?
It was fabulous to meet you in person, Mrs. Amy!
I look forward to more get togethers!
And I just wanted to take moment to say a HUGE thank you to those of you who have already offered to guest post for me so I can take a bloggy maternity leave! I’m in awe that so many of you are willing to give up your time to help me out. You guys rock!


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Monday 14th of February 2011

I really just want to beam myself over there. Love you two! So glad you can enjoy a fellow blogger so close to you! Lucky duck!!


Saturday 12th of February 2011

Fun! Lucky ladies...that must have been a riot with all of those kiddos!

Beverly @

Saturday 12th of February 2011

Ok so I was stumped because I don't know Amy!!! I will definately be checking out her blog though - how fun that you got to meet in person! :)

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch

Saturday 12th of February 2011

YAY! I guessed correctly! :) I love Amy's blog! How fun that you two live so close to each other! :)


Saturday 12th of February 2011

That's wonderful to finally meet a "blog idol", to have a friend with so much in common...!

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