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Pumpkin Projects

One of my favorite things this time of year are all the fall decorations I get to put out in my home. And of those decorations, pumpkins probably top the list of my favorite props. I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Are you listening?

Okay, here it is… I leave my faux jack-o-lantern pumpkins out from early September until Thanksgiving! How do I get away with this, you might ask? I simply turn the faces of the jack-o-lanterns towards the wall we’re not celebrating Halloween! So I can put all my pumpkins out in September, turn the jack-o-lantern faces around in October, then turn them around again in November.

I’m all about making and decorating my own pumpkins, mostly the faux pumpkins you can get at your local craft store because, c’mon, I want to be able to reuse them every year! Here are a few really cute pumpkin crafts you can make at home.

(Click on the photo collage to see a larger version.)


1. Upcycled jack-o-lanterns from old food jars
2. Glittered pumpkins
3. Real pumpkins with faux leaves and tendrils
4. Quilted pumpkins
5. Clay pumpkins
6. Jack-o-lantern pumpkin people made from felt
7. Upcycled tin can jack-o-lantern
8. Pumpkins made from yarn
9. Paper mache jack-o-lanterns
10. Felt pumpkins from a kit
11. Real pumpkin chandelier
12. Pumpkins carved using ceramic cutters and a rubber mallet

Its not too late to get started on your pumpkin crafts. We still have all of November left for our fall decorations!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.