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Burlap Pumpkin Place Setting

These burlap pumpkin place settings are a cute addition to a fall table!

Place settings don’t have to be just for the holidays, they can be for any gathering around the dinner table. They can also range from small paper cards to something more elaborate. For a fall dinner party, I’m opting for these simply adorable Burlap Pumpkin Place Settings. They are so easy to make and update, depending on who you have coming over.

You will need just a few supplies to put these place settings together:

small burlap pumpkins (Old Time Pottery)
brown organza ribbon
green linen ribbon
green cloth-covered wire
corsage pins
small paper doilies
black Sharpie marker
wire cutters

Wrap a length of the organza ribbon around the base of the pumpkin stem and tie in a cute bow. Cut the ribbon off towards the base of the pumpkin.

Cut off ~4 inches of the green ribbon. Fold the end 2-3 times then insert a corsage pin. Ungather the ribbon, keeping the pin inserted and write your guest’s name on the ribbon with the Sharpie (note: a fine point Sharpie will bleed less). Cut a triangle at the end of the ribbon so it looks like a banner.

Take the cloth-covered wire and wrap it ~5 times around the Sharpie to form a coil. Cut off coil with wire cutters then wrap the end around the corsage pin. You can make 1 or 2 coils per pumpkin.

Insert the corsage pin into the pumpkin just behind the bow. Fluff the green ribbon so the name can be seen. Arrange the coils in front and behind the green ribbon.

I used a nice placemat and dishtowel (think outside the box and use them as a cloth napkin!) to accent my dishes. I also used a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper as an extra accent under the dishes.

Place the pumpkin on one of the paper doilies on top of the plate. Arrange your silverware and you are all set!

Don’t you love the simplicity? And if you want to use the pumpkins again, simply change out the green linen ribbon with a new name!

And, ps., my Fall Harvest Centerpiece is the perfect accent for the fall dinner table!




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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.