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Fabulous Sewing Projects for the Dining Room

Fabulous sewing projects for the dining room! We’re continuing our series of going room to room in our homes coming up with clever and creative ideas. March is devoted to dining rooms! I love making things for my Dining Room! You can create something so much more personal that fits your style when you sew …

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Toddler Superhero Scarf

I feel like I’ve been sewing more than crafting lately. I think part of the reason that I put off learning to use my machine is that when/if I finally figured out how to use it I would fall in love with it! And I have! So today I have a fairly simple sewing project …

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DIY Dinosaur Jackets

Your little ones will love these DIY dinosaur jackets! They are a quick, simple, and fun sewing project. Are you ready to hear about my first ever sewing project??? If you’re thinking “hold the phone, didn’t you already share a couple of sewing projects??” then you are absolutely correct! But this is the elusive FIRST project that …

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