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DIY Dinosaur Jackets

Your little ones will love these DIY dinosaur jackets! They are a quick, simple, and fun sewing project.

DIY Dinosaur Jackets - a simple sewing project
Are you ready to hear about my first ever sewing project???

If you’re thinking “hold the phone, didn’t you already share a couple of sewing projects??” then you are absolutely correct!

But this is the elusive FIRST project that I made back in March but never got the chance to share!

These DIY dinosaur jackets are definitely cheaper to make than purchase, and your little ones will love to wear them.

DIY Dinosaur Jackets - cutting triangles
For this project you will need a plain hooded sweat jacket and some felt.

Using cardstock, cut out two equilateral triangles (meaning the same length on all 3 sides) in 2 different sizes.

Take your felt and fold it over so that it is slightly larger than the cardstock template you just created.

Place the base of the triangle on the fold and trace the triangle onto the felt using a disappearing ink pen.

Cut the triangles keeping the base in tact.

You now have a bunch of felt diamonds!

DIY Dinosaur Jackets - line up triangles
Lay out the triangles, in alternating sizes, along the middle of the back of the jacket.

The hood will more than likely have a seam down the middle, so follow that seam then continue on down the back of the jacket.

Stitch up the center of the diamonds.

I attached each diamond individually rather than having extra stitch marks show between the diamonds by stitching straight up the jacket.

DIY Dinosaur Jackets - stitch triangles
Fold the diamond together to create a triangular spike and stitch the two triangles together.

Being my first project, my stitches weren’t always uniform with the edge of the felt. I simply used a pair of scissors to trim the felt so that my sewing looked better.

DIY Dinosaur Jackets - happy kids
If your littles are like mine, they will love their dinosaur jackets!!

They’ve been looking forward all summer for fall weather to hit so they could wear them.

Everywhere we go they get compliments on these jackets!

And, I’m still not sure if this is good or bad, I very rarely get asked if I made them.

Does that mean they look store bought??

Not bad for my first sewing project!

DIY Dinosaur Jackets - ROAR!
And, of course, the best thing about wearing a DIY dinosaur jacket is getting to practice your ROAR!


>> See where I party! <<

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Emily Thompson

Thursday 14th of November 2013

Just linked to this tutorial from a post in my blog where I used your tips.. thanks!! EMily@nap-timecreations


Monday 11th of November 2013

That little blondie looks just like my son! His favorite thing EVER is to growl or ROAR at us…constantly! He would love these hoodies!


Thursday 7th of November 2013

Super cute!!! Love it!!

Jenn "Rook No. 17"

Thursday 7th of November 2013

Brilliant and so, so adorable!

Carol TheAnswerIsChocolate

Thursday 7th of November 2013

These are so fabulous Michele! It's too bad your guys don't look like they like them at all HA!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.