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12 Free Thanksgiving Planner Pages

Create an organizational binder with these free Thanksgiving planner pages to make your planning and cooking job easier.

12 Free Thanksgiving Planner Pages
Take the stress out of your Thanksgiving planning with these super handy printable Thanksgiving planner pages.

I’ve started hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house every other year for my parents.

These Thanksgiving planner pages are a HUGE help to keep me organized and know when I need to do what.

But whether you host, or do more of a potluck style Thanksgiving, these planner pages will definitely make life easier.

I think they would be great for Friendsgiving as well!

There are 12 pages in total and I will break them down in this blog post.

You will find the link to the PDF file for the planner pages at the end of this post.

Thanksgiving planner close up
First though, can we talk about this cute design?

I’m still pretty obsessed with the whole buffalo check trend.

These pages are very similar to my Holiday Planner FREE Printables if you’re looking to be more organized for Christmas as well.

Thanksgiving planner menu pages

Thanksgiving Planner Pages: Menu & Favorites

1. Obviously there needs to be a menu page.

It helps to know what needs to be cooked for Thanksgiving dinner, am I right?

2. I also included a “favorite” pages because not everyone likes the same thing so depending on who you’re hosting, you can mix up your sides or desserts to better suit everyone.

Thanksgiving dinner food assignments

Thanksgiving Planner Pages: Food Assignments

3. Speaking of the Thanksgiving dinner, if you do more of a potluck-style meal, it will help to know who is bringing what.

This one is also great for Friendsgiving as everyone usually chips in and brings a side and/or dessert.

Also, you can keep up from year to year to see who brought what if you want to mix it up or plan on them bringing the same thing again.

Thanksgiving planner to do lists

Thanksgiving Planner Pages: To Do Lists and Calendar

4. The shopping to do list is great for nonfood items that need to be purchased for Thanksgiving such as new napkins, fresh flowers, or a new table runner.

5. Once you know what you’re cooking for Thanksgiving, you can creating a list of things to do and in what order to stay organized.

6.The November calendar is pretty straightforward.

Whether you’re keeping track of when guests are coming to town, when to set out the turkey to thaw, you can never go wrong with a good calendar to stay organized.

Thanksgiving planner tips and tricks page

Thanksgiving Planner Pages: Planning Notes

7. This little planner pages is full of tips and tricks for the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving.

Calculate how much turkey you need based on the number of guests you have.

You can also calculate how long the turkey needs to thaw in the refrigerator prior to cooking.

And, finally, figure out how long to roast a turkey based on it’s size.

You can figure all of this out ahead of time and record it on this handy dandy planner page.

Thanksgiving planner shopping list

Thanksgiving Planner Pages: Shopping List

8. Easily keep track of grocery items that needs to be purchases for your recipes with this planner page.

You can also jot down other things you might need to grab while you’re out and about.

Thanksgiving planner recipe pages

Thanksgiving Planner Pages: Recipes

9 – 12. Keep all your favorite Thanksgiving recipes together in one place with these recipe planner pages.

You can include the cook time and how many people each will feed to help make you meal planning easier.

Free Thanksgiving Planner Pages
Download the free Thanksgiving Planner Pages PDF file here.


I’m a firm believer that being organized makes your life 1000% easier.

There is absolutely no reason that taking on Thanksgiving for your family and/or friends should be a stressful event.

I hope these Thanksgiving planner pages can help you stay more organized and less stressed this holiday season.


And I’ve got my eye on this fall-themed 3-ring binder (affiliate link) to store my pages in.

It’s so cute!


>> See where I party! <<


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