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Tried it Tuesday #51

Tried-it-TuesdaySince this week is dedicated to sharing our latest birthday party, I thought I would share a new party recipe I tried. It’s true that I pinned it, tried it, and loved it, but there is more to the story…

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I thought I would get a little fancy with our birthday cake this time! I always make my boys’ cakes but usually I stick to buttercream (or the one-time-only cream cheese frosting) so I thought I would try my hand at fondant. Regular fondant doesn’t taste particularly good, but I have read great things about marshmallow fondant. Works the same/looks the same as regular fondant but tastes 100 times better!

Then I ran across this recipe from Instructables the added Jell-O to the fondant which both colored AND flavored the fondant. How fun! So I gave it a go.

The fondant process is time consuming. I’m assuming they all are. This was my first time EVER attempting fondant in any shape or form. Making it was pretty simple. Rolling it out took forever. But I snuck a taste and it was SOOOOOO yummy! Unfortunately, I think my cake was just too tall (6 layers!) for any type of fondant. I just could not get it to lay correctly. Totally my fault, not the fondant. I would DEFINITELY make the marshmallow fondant again for a shorter cake or to cut out shapes with a cookie cutter. I used Berry Blue Jell-O (you can see the “after” pic here) and the taste was so good with a light blue coloring.

Even though I did not end up using it, I still call it a win in the taste and look department!



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Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

I've never tried fondant but I love the way it looks! It's cool that it tastes good - I'm still nervous to try it though lol!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.