Land of the Free Printable

I have a festive patriotic printable for you today!
And I have to say I am so pleased with how it turned out.
Even better than what I pictured in my head!
It may easily be my favorite printable ever!
I was going for the old school sign art look, and I think I just about got it.
When I think of the old red, white, & blue, “home of the free because of the brave” is the main phrase I think of.
If it weren’t for our veterans, and the men and women actively protecting our freedom, who knows where we would be today? This is my little way of saying thanks.
To decorate my frame, I tied several different strands of red, white, and blue ribbon together in a knot. I used a glue dot to attach it to top corner of the frame. Than I topped it with a red, white, and a blue bow stacked on top of one another.
I decided to try something new with my printables this round!ย 
I announced on Facebook I would share the printable with a few of my fans. All they knew signing up was the general theme of the printable. They were told to print it out and use it in their homes.
The lovely Jerriann used it to accent the table where she displays
photos of her sons who are serving in the US Army!

Click the down arrow above to download the file directly to your computer.


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    I love this saying and I have tried to come up with a way to use it in my patriotic holiday deco. You have done a great job capturing this wonderful saying so thanks for sharing your creation.

  2. says

    Love this…thanks so much! We’re an Army family, and I’ve been looking for something with this phrase for mantel decor…this is perfect!


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