June 13, 2012

Mini Patriotic Wreath Pin

My crafts lately seem to revolve around red, white, & blue. I love decorating my house for these patriotic holidays! 

Last year I made a fun ruffled patriotic wreath for the front door, and I thought it would be fun to make something similar in a smaller version for me to carry around with me! 
So I came up with the 
Mini Patriotic Wreath Pin!

I went with the same materials as my previous wreath: Cream burlap, red burlap (spray painted), and denim.

Cut 2.5" wide strips of the fabrics, then cut the strips into squares then each square into a circle approximately 2 inches in diameter. 

You will need 6 cream, 5 red, and 4 blue circles.

Place a drop of glue (I use Beacon's Fabri-Tac but you can use hot glue) in the center of one of the circles of fabric. Fold the circle in half then place another drop of glue on the center edge of the half circle. Fold the fabric in half again and hold it closed with a clothespin until the glue has a chance to dry. Repeat with all of the circles of fabric. 

To be sure that the backing of the mini wreath holds up to the weight of the burlap it needs to be made of something a little more substantial than felt which I would normally use for a small pin. So I grabbed some scrap cardboard and traced out a large circle 3" in diameter and then a smaller circle inside the larger one 1.5" in diameter.

Cut out both circles.

To make it more aesthetically pleasing, I wrapped the cardboard with thin strips of the denim. 

Remove the clothespins from the folded circles of fabric and start gluing them to the denim ring. Start with the red and white pieces overlapping them slightly. Add in the denim pieces and you should now have filled the entire space. If you have any gaps just cut more circles of fabrics of the color that you need.

We're going for a flag look, and you can't have a U.S. flag without some "stars!"

I glued on a few small white buttons to the denim.

Glue a pin to the top center of the back of the wreath. Cover the pin with a piece of scrap denim to help it blend in. 

I think the mini wreath turned out super fun! 
I love the mixture of the burlap with the denim.
It feels very rustic!

You could totally sport it as a brooch.
Or not... 

I think I'll keep on my denim tote I carry to work! 

I think it makes for a decent mini version of my ruffled patriotic wreath

What do you think? 
Would you were this on your person or on your bag?

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  1. I love this! I might just have to make one of these and put on my jean jacket that I never wear and actually wear it!

  2. This is super darling Michele!! I love the little buttons and it's so great that you can use it as a brooch to wear or as a little pop of fun on a bag!

  3. Love, love, love, love, LOVE!!! So doggone CUTE! Pinning immediately ;)
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original Linky Party is open

  4. Replies
    1. I'm back to let you know I decided to feature it in this week's A Crafty Soiree. It'll be up at midnight EST. Come by and check out your feature when you get a chance. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very cute! I'd wear this on my shirt or on my bag. It also would look cute on a wreath.

  6. That is so cute, and your directions were terrific! I think I'll make some of these with my daughter. They'd be fun gifts for her friends!

  7. will definitely be giving this a try! I'm visiting from the TT&J party

  8. What a perfect little addition to every outfit. I'd love to have you come link up at my Tutorial Tuesday

  9. Cute! Thanks for posting this tutorial! I will absolutely have to make this.

  10. I love how you adapated your fabulous wreath idea to a pin and how versatile it is. Just perfect. And thanks for the great tutorial.

  11. So CUTE!! Crossing my fingers you'll share at my party! Saturdays at Seven! XO, Aimee

  12. This is rad, I wanna make it!! I hope you will link up with me here:

  13. SUPER CUTE! Crossing my fingers you'll share at my party! Saturdays at Seven!

    XO, Aimee

  14. This is so cute! I love it on the denim purse and love your wreath in the background even more =)

    Visiting from Flamingo Toes!

  15. This is adorable!! Great nice and thorough. And in total envy of your beautiful wreath {which I think I may have already pinned at some point?!}. Would be delighted for you to link up with us at Mop It Up Mondays:


  16. it's so festive!!! i've got to get some red white & blue going on for me & the kids. can't believe the 4th is 2 weeks away!

    thanks for the idea!


  17. How clever, and, to quote Kellie, "festive." I love it. :)

  18. very cute idea! Love it! :)

  19. This is such a cool pin. I'd love for you to link up at Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Visiting from Sugar Bee - love the tutorial pics!

  21. I love this! I want to try to make one. If it turns out half way decent I'll have to send you a picture. :) I would love for you to share on my linky party!
    Marcie @

  22. So cute and easy to make. I am hosting book club next week and like to make small gifts to give the members. This is what I will make this time! Thanks for the idea. Karen

  23. Really great! Love this post, please link it up with me Wednesday on Wow Us Wednesday.

  24. Looks lovely, I bet it could be adapted to all sorts of occasions.
    x cinti

  25. This is so cute! If I only had the time. :)
    It would be awesome on a larger scale, too!

  26. beatiful!!!!!!!!!


    Maria Filomena,
    de Portugal

  27. So cute and rustic! You could even make a bunch to string together and call it a banner or bunting! great job!

  28. Thanks for linking to TAke-A-Look Tuesday - you were featured today!!

  29. You're adorable! I think that this is such a fun fresh take on the accessory pin and I am such a sucker for anything patriotic...Thanks for sharing it with me. Love your guts!

    xoxo, T.

  30. Oh my gosh!! This is so stinking cute!!! I hope you wont mind if a ton of us totally copy it!!! I LOVE IT!

  31. Michele...this is one of my favorite's EVER! Of course I am a sucker for patriotic anything. So cute.

  32. This is so dang cute! I love all things red, white and blue. I'd love for you to share this at my link party.

  33. The buttons are a great detail! :)

    I would love for you to share this at my Flaunt It Friday Link Party. Make sure you enter for the great giveaway too! :)


  34. Absolutely super and thanks for the tutorial!

  35. absolutely stunning!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  36. Love the pin...... I gotta make one or two! Thanks for sharing..

  37. So cute...I love it and pinned it!

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  38. Oh my goodness! That is so stinking cute!! I would put it on an alligator clip and use it for my daughter's hair.

  39. So so cute!! So cute and creative! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday linky party and share your post with us.

  40. That is so cute! I actually think I am going to make some for my daughters for hair bows for the 4th of July this week. So creative.

  41. I loved this tutorial! I made it out of glittered felt and used silver brads instead of buttons big enough to turn into a pony tail wreath. It slips right over your pony tail or braid and then with a hair clip instead of a pin you clip it in place. Super fun and quick project. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I hope you don't mind but I mentioned your blog and wreath tutorial with a link to your site when I posted my pony tail wreath tutorial on my blog today. You can check it out at if you are interested. Thanks again for such awesome inspiration.

  42. This is so cute. I can see making a bunch of these for the ladies living at the local nursing home. I think they would love that. I actually linked to your DIY in my article, "Unique and Affordable Ways to Celebrate July 4th." You can see it here:

  43. I will teach my quilt friendship group this idea next July! Thank you for sharing, it's darling.
    How about one for Christmas!


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