Social Saturday – Handprint Ornaments Party

In light of the recent events in Connecticut, I feel more than ever the urge to keep my babies near and make precious memories with them.
So today I hosted a handprint ornament party for my sister and our boys!
Not only did we make some great keepsakes with their little hands and feet, but the boys had a wonderful time which totally made it all worthwhile.
To set up I grabbed a vinyl Christmas tablecloth I purchased on clearance after the holidays last year to cover the kitchen table. Its festive and super easy to clean up!
Then I raided my craft stash for anything I thought we might be able to use.
Mainly paintbrushes, acrylic paint, and glitter.
We used the Pledge glitter technique on some plain glass ornaments that my sis brought over.
Then the fun began with painting little fingers and toes and “stamping” the ornaments!
We used more paint and glitter glue to add facial features and accessories to our creations.
These are going to be great additions to the tree!
For us, it was just what we needed to do this weekend.


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