DIY Outdoor Play Mat

Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes warmer weather. Weather that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors! And with this warmer weather on the horizon I feel the itch to prepare for outside entertainment.
The hunt for entertainment isn’t always in the form of patio makeovers and new grills. As a mom, I am always trying to come up with ways to keep my little ones entertained while outdoors. That is why I am excited to show you how to put together this DIY outdoor play mat complete with custom pillows and toy tote.

To make the mat itself, you will need a couple of outdoor cushions. I found these at Old Time Pottery. I love the bright bold chevron pattern of these cushions. They are perfect for outdoors and stimulating for the little ones.
Line the cushions up next to each other. The arrows are pointing to the places were you will connect the cushions together. Most cushions come with ribbons to attach them to the chair they will be on. However, for these cushions, the only ribbons are located where the center arrow is pointing (on each side of the cushion). But that is okay! We will fix that.
Where the cushions meet there are 4 ribbons. Cut off two, one from each cushion. This will leave 1 ribbon on each cushion.
The rest of the ribbons are on the outside of the cushions. Cut them all off as close to the cushion as possible so that you cannot tell they were removed.
Where the arrows were pointing in the earlier photo, hand stitch a ribbon to each cushion. You will be sewing on 4 ribbons total. You will have 2 ribbons left over.
Turn the cushions upside down then connect the cushions by matching up the ribbons and tying them in a tight knot then into a bow. We are doing this on the underside of the cushion because, even those the little bows are cute, they will come untied on top from children crawling over them.
That is it for the play mat!
These outdoor throw pillows and tote are the perfect accessories and colors to go with the new play mat. The pillows can be easily customized with iron on vinyl from your local craft store. The tote is also dressed up with vinyl.
Each pillow is monogrammed with each little one’s name so there is no fighting over who gets which pillow. The extra chevron accents on the pillows goes well with the chevron pattern on the play mat.
The tote makes it easy to carry around crayons, coloring pages, and anything else needed for some fun outdoor entertainment from indoors to out.
The outdoor play mat is the perfect place for reading, coloring, or playing a fun game of checkers.
Its just the right size for the little ones to lounge on comfortably.
And I may or may not have already “borrowed” it a time or two!

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    what a great idea to tie the cushions together into one mat!! love the cushions you choose – lovely colors and so summery! Hope your boys have a super awesome summer learning and playing on these! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday.


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