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Pallet art has been popular for several years now and the trend doesn’t seem to be dying off anytime soon. The art comes in all shapes and sizes. You really can’t go wrong with it! The styles vary greatly, too, making it the perfect way to bring fresh artwork into your home regardless of your style.
The drawbacks to pallet art? Pre-made or custom pallet art can cost you a pretty penny. If you are making it yourself the drawback could be anything from being able to gain access to old pallets to breaking them down and rebuilding them into a workable form. It may depend on where you live and what tools you have access to. 
I am going to show you how to create easy pallet art using pre-formed pallets! Did you know they even existed? They do if you know how to find them! I’m going to share how I created the two different styles shown above, one 3D art pallet and one stencil painted pallet, using pre-formed pallets.

I stumbled across these cedar shelf liners in the closet supplies aisle at Old Time Pottery (other stores should carry them, too!) and just knew they were perfect for a pallet project. At 12″ x 15″ they provide a fairly large backdrop. The pack of two liners cost ~$14 making the base price of each pallet art a mere $7.
Other supplies used for the 2 types of pallet art are contact paper which is super inexpensive and a great way to create stencils and a beautiful metal scroll work M, which I also found at Old Time Pottery.
Let’s start with the 3D pallet art. You can add anything to a pallet with the proper supplies. And to make it work with your decor all you need is a good paint job. I’m partial to monograms so a large metal M seemed the perfect way to go with this pallet!
After a couple of coats of paint, the M and pallet are taking on a whole new look.
The monogram was meant to hang on a wall so hanging it on a pallet isn’t too difficult. Determine where the nails need to be (try my super simple hanging tip – its a life changer!) and hammer them into place. Use short nails or cover parts that come through the back of the pallet with a small piece of foam to prevent injuries to yourself or your wall.

I’m loving how the yellow pops off of the blue pallet. This 3D pallet art is ready to hang on the wall and will incorporate perfectly into my current living room decor.

Moving on to the 2nd pallet and the contact paper, we are going to create a stencil to place on the pallet prior to painting it.
If you happen to have a die cut machine, you can create any custom sticker with the contact paper that you wish, cut it out, then apply it to the pallet. If not, you can cut a design by hand with scissors or an X-acto knife.
Once the stickers have been placed onto the pallet, coat it with several coats of spray paint. Since the green is a lighter shade than the blue it took several more coats to fully cover the pallet than the previous project. 
When the paint is dry, carefully peel up the stickers to reveal the pattern on the cedar below.
The cedar is such a pretty wood that it makes for a lovely bit of natural art on the pallet. 
These are just a couple of examples of art that can be created with these pre-formed pallets. If you’re looking for more inspiration simply visit Pinterest and type “pallet art” into the search. Regardless of the type of art you’re trying to create, you cannot beat using these cedar shelf liners as the starting point of your project!
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    So beautiful! I’m working on creating a few pallet craft projects and have found some great inspiration here. Thanks! I’m glad I found your post through the Take A Look Tuesday link party.

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    I love pallet art but don’t have the energy to go pallet hunting and break one down. I love that these liners exist, I am going to check a couple stores next time I’m out. I would love something like this on my mantle. Thanks for sharing.

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    Both if these turned out great! Such a cute idea. I’m hopping over from Merry Monday. Leaving some hugs on your sweet blog and inviting you to share at my Thursday hop too ( start linking tonight 8 PM MST)

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