Woodland Mason Jar Winter Scene #MadeWithMichaels

I was compensated by Michaels for this post but, as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

woodland-mason-jar-winter-scenesIt’s true, my winter crafting has already begun! You can never start too early to get ahead. Just ask Michaels! They are ready to help you get a head start by hosting a Holiday Pinterest Party at their stores on November 15th. Attendees of the Pinterest Party will have the opportunity to create top holiday Pinterest crafts with Michaels supplies.

“Make it with Michaels” and see how easy it can be to ease that holiday stress! I was inspired by one of the Holiday Pinterest Party projects to make these Woodland Mason Jar Winter Scenes.

All of the Pinterest projects are open to interpretation. We all have different tastes and styles, right? I love the woodland look I was able to take with the Lemax Mason Jar Scene project.

To recreate my woodland scenes you will need the following supplies:

Kerr Mason Jar, pint

Kerr Mason jar, quart

Buffalo Snowflakes, 3 oz.

2 LED tea lights

2 woodland Christmas ornaments

1 package white mini pine cone ornaments

2 Christmas berry picks

First, remove the screw from the top of the woodland ornaments. Then cut off the strings from the pine cone ornaments.

Fill the two jars approximately half full of snowflakes. Turn the two lids upside down and fill with snow. You will use the entire bag.

Trim the end off of the berry pick and stick it into the snow at the back of the quart jar. Place one of the woodland ornaments into the jar in front of the pick. The ornament is heavy, but the snow is dense and will hold it up.

Repeat with the pint jar, trimming the pick and placing it in the jar. Add one of the LED tea lights and snug it into the snow. Add a few of the pine cones around the tea light.

Add the other woodland ornament to the quart jar lid. Add the other tea light and some pine cones to the smaller jar lid.

Now we have quite a lovely winter scene going on!

I love that you can so easily change the direction of the woodland theme by using different ornaments! What would you add to these winter jars?


I hope you can attend the Holiday Pinterest Party at your local Michaels on November 15 (from 1 PM – 4 PM)!




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    Your Mason Jar Woodland Scenes are soooo darn cute! I love how festive they look. Michael’s makes everything easier, don’t they?

    Thanks for sharing! Pinning!


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