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BML Guest Post – Caroline from Atelier Caroline

Hello Michele and hello to all her fabulous readers!
My name is Caroline and I’m visiting from  
AC retro button framed
Crafting is my therapy to stay happy in my very busy life. Juggling
family, marriage, household and work is a complicated balancing act.
It takes a bit of organization to  save some “Me” time. And “Me”
time is dedicated to creating and blogging.  You can find out
more about me here.
I  mostly sew:
And craft
But i recently “fell into” jewelry making
I’m happy to be presenting a tutorial to make pretty gros-grain ribbon
followers that you can use for pins, headbands and barrettes
This little project only requires the following supplies:
– 22inches of 3/4″ wide gros grain ribbon
– a few pearls or beads – here 1/8″ pearls
– matching thread
– brooch pin or barrette and hot glue (Optional) 
For the
  • Cut 4  5&1/2″ long pieces of ribbon
  • Fold the ribbon pieces in 2&1/2″ long loop with the ends
    meeting in the center in a 1/4 inch overlap
DSCF7154 DSCF7156
  • Pin in each loop
  • Take 2 pieces and pin them at a straight angle
  • Repeat with the other 2 pieces
  • The place the two resulting cross at a 45 degree angle
  • With matching thread stitch all the layers together
By stitching a “box” you are pretty much assured to secure all the ribbon ends
For the
  • Start at the center
  • Just loop the thread through the peal/bead hole
  • Make sure to position the beads so the hole is not visible before
    you tighten the thread
  • You only need to stitch through the first layer of ribbon
  • Stitch a circle of beads around the center bead
  • The number to sew may vary depending on the diameter of the
    beads used (5 to 7)
  • Stitch a second circle (will use about twice as many beads as the
    first one)
You can stitch it on clothing or …
  • Hot glue a brooch pin or a barrette
All done!
I used this one as a brooch to make a plain green sweater a bit dressier
Now pick
your favorite color ribbon to make one for yourself !
Thanks again
Michele for having me over
congratulations on your family addition 

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The Answer Is Chocolate

Friday 15th of April 2011

So glad to see you posting here! I love the pin that goes with the necklace that you know I also love!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.