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Button Bib Necklace & Earrings Tutorial – PART 2

This button bib necklace and earrings tutorial could not be easier! See how to turn inexpensive buttons into amazing jewelry.

Button bib necklace and earrings tutorial
Last week I shared the tutorial for making this fun button bib necklace.

Today its time to share the tutorial for making the matching button earrings!

button bib necklace with matching button earringsfloral button earrings
You might think making earrings out of buttons isn’t very difficult.

To that I say au contraire, my friend!

(You didn’t know I speak French, did you? Well that’s about all I can say. 
But I can laugh in French. No really! I can laugh just like the French chef in The Little Mermaid. Pinky swear!)

Buttons are tricky as dangling earrings for one main reason:
Thanks to that pesky thing called gravity, they want to face straight down when they hang from your ears instead of looking out at the world.

I can tell you how to fix that!

Get ready for Part 2: Button Earrings tutorial!

floral flower buttons
Again, this entire project began when I stumbled across these fun buttons.

You can read more about that in the necklace tutorial post.

button earring supplies
Let’s start with the supply list (x2):
eye pin
fish hook earring
small jump ring
jewelry tools (amazon affiliate link)

wire on buttons
Cut a length of wire ~4 inches long and thread it through the button holes (back to front).

Repeat 2 more times.

Trim the wire with scissors or wire cutters so that there is just enough sticking out the back of the button to not quite reach the opposite button hole.

Fold the wire over so it is flat against the back of the button.

fish hook on buttons
Carefully insert the eye pin between the wire and the back of the button.

Attach the small jump ring to the eye pin then attach the fish hook earring to the jump ring.

Now you need to decide how long you want your button to dangle from the fish hook.

I wanted the silver ball on the fish hook to just peak over the top of the button so I adjusted my eye pin to the appropriate length and then used jewelry pliers to bend the pin back up on itself.

Cut the excess wire off of the pin and smoosh (that’s a technical word) it flat and snug on the back of the button.

cover back of button earrings with felt
Now the back looks pretty horrendous, and I would prefer people did not see it. So let’s cover it up!

Cut a small circle out of a piece of felt that will cover the mess but will not be seen from the front of the button.

Add a tiny dollop of adhesive to the back of the button and cover it with the circle of felt.

Press gently and immediately wipe up any excess adhesive that might have oozed out.

floral button earrings tutorial
And now we have successfully made dangling button earrings!

Aren’t they cute?

button bib necklace with matching button earrings
I think the earrings are the perfect complement to the button bib necklace!


So what did you think of the button bib necklace and earrings tutorial?


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Saturday 22nd of August 2020

What would really be cool is 2 cut a piece of thin leather and glue that to the back. It would give him much meter finish then felt.

Alexandra Richards

Wednesday 7th of May 2014

This is BEAUTIFUL! I actually tried to do something similar to this when I found some shank buttons I wanted to turn into dangle earrings - I tried gluing an eye pin flat inside the shank circle but didn't have any luck with that. I suppose de-shanking them, gluing the eye pin AND THEN using the felt will help out a lot more.I ended up going this route with some other buttons I had instead. I used jewelry wire to thread the buttons and just crossed the wires and tightened in the back to get the wires to stay upright.

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial!!

Laura Plack

Monday 17th of March 2014

What a cute jewelry set! Great tutorials! They would fit really well with the tutorials on


Tuesday 15th of May 2012

goodness girl you outdid yourself AGAIN! absolutely LOVE you designs-- pretty and fresh and happy! another amazing project! xoxo

Hilani - Handmade by Hilani

Monday 14th of May 2012

I Love buttons, theses are super cute! Can we talk bout you guest posting this at my blog. :) Thanks for considering. It's very fitting, I love buttons (oh wait, I already said that. ;) )

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.