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Family Recipe Box – FREE Cut File

.Customize a family recipe box or recipe book with this free “Our Family Recipes” cut file.

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Family Recipe Box with FREE Cut File
I found the CUTEST rustic, farmhouse style recipe box recently and knew I needed to get it. It would be a great wedding gift for a cousin who was getting married at our family farmhouse! We’re big on family memories, family history, and basically all things family. And this recipe box totally fit the bill since we have a LOT of great family recipes, many that originated with my grandmother, that I wanted to be sure to include.

The recipe box was pretty cute as is, but I was able to make it even better with some adhesive vinyl and printed family recipes for inside.

Family Recipe Box with FREE Cut File
The recipe box came with a design already on the lid that was pretty cute, but when it arrived I noticed part of the design had rubbed off, so I took my fingernail to it and it just started to scrape off so easily. No biggie because I could remedy that. I used my fingernail to scrape off as much of the design as I could and finished it off with fingernail polish remover to get the rest of the pattern off leaving me with a blank slate.

In Silhouette Studio I went to work designing a new topper for the box. I’m the file with you! You can find it at the end of the post.

I absolutely love how it turned out. I used plain black adhesive vinyl for the design as I wanted something simple and not take away from the rustic elegance of the box itself. Gridlined transfer tape made placing the design on the box a breeze.

Family Recipe Box with FREE Cut File
The recipe cards that came with the box did not vibe with the style at all so I replaced them with these more rustic recipe cards. They definitely match the style and the look I was going for. And the back of the card matches the front for more cooking directions. And they came with 50 cards in a pack so my cousin won’t be looking for extra cards anytime soon.

Family Recipe Box with FREE Cut File  
The dividers that came with the recipe box matched the cards that came with the box so they were a definitely no-go. I easily made my own dividers by creating simple tabbed cards in the Silhouette Studio. I cut a bunch so my cousin can have as many sections in her box as she wants and cut them out on Kraft paper to match the vibe of the recipe box.

Family Recipe Box with FREE Cut File
When my grandmother passed several years ago I inherited her recipe box. To me it is definitely a treasured object. She loved to cook and most of the recipes in her box are handwritten by her. I took photos of her more popular recipes that she was known for and printed them out to add to the box, matching the sizing to the blank recipes cards.

Now my cousin has a start to her family recipes and from our grandmother’s hand.

Family Recipe Box with FREE Cut File
I just love how the family recipe box turned out! The messed up lid ended up being a blessing in disguise. I’m obsessed with the new vinyl on the lid.

As promised, here are the SVG and PNG files. For personal use only.

Our Family Recipes SVG     |     Our Family Recipes PNG

If you use the file I would love to see it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.