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Have You Heard? Gypsy from Provo Craft

Ho.Ly.Cow. I just don’t even know how else to describe the new Gypsy from Provo Craft. It is just that cool!

gypsy palm

Obviously from the photo above, you can see that the Gypsy fits in the palm of your hand, but you may be asking, what is it? What does it do? Here’s the scoop!

The Gyspy is a tool you can use with your Cricut machine. It is a portable device that you to load your Cricut cartridges on to so you can create your diecuts on the go. You can then connect the Gypsy to your Cricut to cut out your diecuts.

The Gypsy’s 4 GB of space will hold ALL the designs on your Cricut cartridges without even blinking an eye. So now you can have all your designs and fonts in one place without having to carry them around everywhere you go! It even comes with two new cartridges already loaded on it. The screen works with a stylus making it very easy to manipulate the designs and fonts. When you’re ready to cut your images, connect the Gypsy to your Cricut with the cord that comes with it and… voilà! Your diecut is made and ready to go!

The basic idea of the Gypsy is that you can carry it around with you and design on the go. Let’s say you’re at the dentist’s office waiting to get your teeth cleaned. In your head you’re planning your next scrapbook layout and thinking about using some of your Cricut designs to use on the layout. Whip the Gypsy out of your purse and start designing! You can then save the images you have manipulated in a folder and can cut everything out when you get home!

Here are some quick stats about the Gypsy:
Weight: ~11 ounces (about the weight of an empty coffee mug)
Battery life: ~4 hours of continuous use
How to charge? AC power supply
PC and MAC compatible (for updating)
Keyword search available to find specific designs faster
12 month warranty
Can only use a Cricut cartridge on one Gypsy machine (no sharing!)

Think all this is too good to be true? Go to the Gypsy website and take a test drive on this cool new toy. I promise you will not be disappointed!

According to the Gypsy website, it will be making its debut on HSN on the 24th of this month so don’t miss out on getting to see a live version of it! I’m just wondering how long will take to sell out…


Happy 1st Birthday, Gavin!

Its just a week of birthday celebrations here at The Scrap Shoppe Blog! Today I am celebrating my son’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!! I can’t believe I am now the mommy of a one year old. 🙂

We snapped a quick birthday photo this morning…

IMG 3806

He’s wearing his *Birthday Boy* t-shirt to daycare today, and we’ll have a tiny get together with family tonight so he can open a few presents and have some cake. It is his actual birthday today. Why wait for the party this weekend?? LOL! Then Saturday he’ll get to see all his family and our close friends for one last big birthday bash. 🙂

I have started truncating my posts to avoid having my content stolen. I hope you’ll click over to finish reading the post. Thank you for understanding!

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Carol hennemann

Tuesday 7th of September 2021

My dog knocked my Cricut off table and it broke is there any way I can transfer everything on my gypsy to a new gypsy. Thanking you in advance Carol

Michele McDonald

Thursday 9th of September 2021

I’m not sure about transfering an old Gypsy to a new one, but it sounds like if your Gypsy is connected to your Cricut account your files may all be accessible in Cricut Design Space. You can probably find out more helpful info here:

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.