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Le Pouf Pincushion

Le Pouf. 
Those two words were running through my head the entire time I was making this pincushion. I wasn’t sure why exactly, until I googled it. Then it all became crystal clear. Apparently the back of my brain is smarter than the front. 😉
1778 maciet
The pouf was a popular hairstyle back in the 1770’s where women wore their hair up ~1 1/2 times the length of their face and elaborately decorated it with ribbon and such.
That’s what my pincushion reminded me of!
I’ve been admiring those baby food jar pincushions for ages, and finally decided to make my own. Not that I can’t easily get my hand on baby food jars thanks to my 10 month old son, but I’ve had these super cute little jars stashed away in my upcycle bin for quite awhile and thought one would be perfect for this project.
I think they originally came with buttons inside.
They are petite little things about 1/2 the size of a #2 baby food jar.
Here is a super brief tutorial because I know there are a ton of really good ones out there on the web.
I drew a circle about 2 inches wider in diameter than the jar lid on my fabric.
To dress up the fabric I stamped it with some vintage-y looking stamps.
I stitched around the circle I had drawn, pulled it somewhat taught and tied it off, then stuffed the fabric with batting.
Finally, I used Beacon’s 3-in-1 to glue down layers of the fabric under my little pouf then glued the entire thing to the lid of the jar.
Next came the fun part of dressing up the pincushion!
I glued down a couple of different scraps of lace across the top of the pouf. Then threaded some ribbon through more lace and glued it around the base of the pouf. Using even more lace, I glued it around the top of the glass jar itself. I also added a scrapbook rub on around the middle of the jar then sanded it to make it look distressed.
I am super pleased with how it turned out!
I love the vintage feel it has.
I put some of my more vintage-y buttons to store inside.
For a girl that doesn’t even sew (yet!), I seem to have an obsession with pincushions!

The pouf and I had a little photo shoot, and I had a hard time narrowing down the pics. 
I hope you don’t think I’m over sharing! 🙂
I link to these fun parties!

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Monday 27th of February 2012

That is the cutest little pincushion I have seen!!! Love love love that you stamped the fabric was just the perfect touch for your project. I don't sew either but I would love to have a row of these to hold all my buttons on a shelf!!! Thank you for sharing your awesomeness!!!


Monday 27th of February 2012

Love that pin cushion, but please share about the pins. Did you make the facny heads on them? Thanks for sharing.cheersmaggie

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe}

Wednesday 29th of February 2012

Oh, Maggie, I wish I knew how to make them! I found them at Joann's a while back. They are from K&Company in the scrapbook section. :)

Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

Friday 24th of February 2012

You know I love this pincushion!!! So darn cute!! I featured you today :)

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy

Wednesday 22nd of February 2012

You and your elegant pincushions!! You always blow me away with these! To think that I don't even have a pincushion. How sad is that?! I had no idea what "Le Peuf" even meant until now. You are so smart my friend!!


Wednesday 22nd of February 2012

I was just thinking that I need a new pincushion. I love this one!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.