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Scrapbook Expo – Duluth, GA 2009

Finally! We get to talk about the things I saw at the Scrapbook Expo last weekend! While a couple of the vendors I really wanted to see weren’t there (where were you, Quick Quotes??), there was still plenty of great booths to keep my girlfriends and I occupied. I love looking around for innovative ways to use my everyday supplies, incorporating scrapbooking into my home decor, new ways to organize my supplies, and, of course, seeing what the latest and greatest products are out there in the biz. And, if you make it to the end of this post, I might even have a little scrappy gossip for you!

This is one of my favorite vendors, Melissa Frances. Most of her products have a vintage look that I adore. And the prices were fantastic! Can you believe I got a set of 3 metal canisters for $5, a set of acrylic stamps for $5, and a huge clipboard (14″x14″ I think) to alter for $10?? I walked away with even more than that, but I won’t go on and on. We have other vendors to discuss!
IMG 3338
This card was also made by the same company that had the flower punches. I loved the cupcake, and I think the product used to make the “icing” is a brand spankin’ new product that is gaining popularity called Flower Soft. I’ve seen Flower Soft at my LSS, and the owner said that the card makers are ga-ga over it!
IMG 3335

This cute wall hanging was available at the Keller’s Creations booth. Keller’s Creations puts together really cute projects. They match the papers and embellishments for you and provide the chipboard cut to size to make each project, not to mention a picture of the finished version so you know what you’re doing. While I didn’t buy this kit in particular (I’m pretty sure I can make it on my own), I did buy a kit with a fun clipboard in it. And I got the last one! They had to pull the kit from the website.
IMG 3332

I can’t remember which vendor was showing off this fabulous frame, but I love what they did with it. Its a thumb tack board, covered in fabric, framed, and a layout attached with fabric covered tacks. For dimension, they added a strip of ribbon across the front of the frame and used clips to spell out Caleb. Too cute! I’m definitely stealing this idea. You can put together the frame and board yourself, or I’m pretty sure you can buy one already made at your local Hobby Lobby.
IMG 3336

IMG 3337

And last, but not least, is the Creek Bank Creations booth. My girlfriends and I go ga-ga over this booth. They have all types of raw chipboard ready to be made into the next great project. Some chipboard is already packaged into kits, others are just waiting for you to put together your own unique kit. They also have a fantastic selection of paper. I stocked up on some My Mind’s Eye papers that I had not seen before. All four of us bought this Welcome kit. In fact, we bought the last 4 they had! It was too cute to pass up. It came with just the raw chipboard, so we matched some of the paper they used in the sample and some we thought would look good for our homes.
IMG 3340

That night we all stayed up late working on our new kits. I changed mine up a bit by adding paper to the tree and crinkling the “leaves” to give it more dimension. I love how it turned out, and its hanging in my entryway waiting to greet any guests that show up at my door!
IMG 3342

We also decided to stop by the local Archiver’s which was right down the road from the convention. I had never been to one, and I was not disappointed! Lots of cute stuff, and I loved, loved the the clearance racks. 🙂

I wanted to share a picture of my new scrap stash, but I just have not even had time to unpack it all yet. I promise a picture in Sunday’s blog post. In the meantime, I’m going to be swamped the next couple of days with wedding goings-on. My sis-in-law is getting hitched on Saturday! And tomorrow night is the bachelorette party – did I mention its at my house? Yikes! I have to prepare!

Now I’m pretty sure I’ve promised some scrappy gossip. So here goes…

It turns out the Advantus Corp. that runs the Heidi Swapp booth dumped all their leftover product in the garbage. YES, dumped it! And, to be sure that no one else would take it, they poured paint over all of it! But it turns out that some ladies saw what was happening and rescued as much product as they could so they could at least donate it to a group that could use art supplies. I can’t imagine why Advantus would do such a thing! You can read a first-hand version on Lauren Ferguson’s blog. And while you’re there, you might look around at some of her projects. Amazing!

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Thursday 16th of July 2009

Wow that is some gossip!! Crazy!!

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