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Social Saturday – 2012 Goals Revisted

Hello, hello, friends! 
Can you believe that the year is already half over? 
I thought it high time to hold myself accountable and share how I’m doing with the 8 goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. 
IMG 5804

#1 – Eat more fruit. 
I’ve not been doing as much as I would have liked but definitely more than I used to. My boys LOVE bananas so I find myself choking them down, too. 😉 I was doing really well with the Cuties for a while then they became hard to find.
#2 – Exercise more. 
Unfortunately Jillian and I had a falling out about 4 weeks in to our workout routine. And by falling out I mean I caught a cold and couldn’t breathe enough to exercise. After a week of that it was hard to get back into the routine. I gave it a go a time or two but… maybe we’ll hook up again sometime soon. 
#3 – Date my husband once a month.
Another failure. 🙁 
We’ve been on exactly 2 dates in the last six months. 
This seriously needs to be remedied!
Boys pola
#4 – Be more of a “yes” mom!
I would like to think I’ve done this! 
I’ve been playing to my heart’s content with these two cuties. Absolutely no computer time until after they go to bed. 🙂
#5 – Attend a blog conference. 
Done and LOVED it!! 
And looking forward to SNAP! 2013. 😉
#6 – No fabric purchases in 2012.
Believe it or not I have TOTALLY stuck to this one!! 
Its been SO hard though! I look longingly at the remnants when I’m at Joann’s but always from afar.
#7 – Take my sewing machine out of the box.
I even threaded and practiced stitching with it!
No official project has been completed with it yet though. Baby steps, people! 
#8 – More “me” time.
I’ve been doing okay with this.
I’m a slave to the blog so a lot of my free time is spent online, but I have managed a couple of pedicure outings for myself this year. 🙂
So all in all I’m doing pretty good! 
I just need to, ah, eat more fruit and exercise. Those seem like kind of big goals to be missing out on.
I think I’ll work on the fruit first… 😉
Happy weekend!
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Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

Sunday 1st of July 2012

I think you're doing awesome!! I can't believe you haven't bought any fabric this year - that is so cool. I canNOT say that lol. I love your sweet little mug too! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.