Santa’s Belt {Homemade Christmas Decor}

Hey! Its me, Michele, um guest posting? on my own blog! πŸ™‚
What can I say, I needed a filler!
But that just means I can share this fun and simple Christmas decor project with you!
I’m calling it
—Santa’s Belt!—Β 
Here’s the super quick tutorial…
1. Start with a decorative glass container and some sort of red filler. I’m using leftover red glitter balls from last year’sΒ ornament wreath, and black glitter balls leftover from last year’s decor! You could also use miniature red ornaments or red pom poms.
2. Put a glass/candle/toilet paper roll (you get the idea) inside your glass container to take up some of the volume. I’m using an upside down Mason jar.
3. Start to drop in your red filler material.
4. About halfway up I added some of the black glitter balls to look like a belt, but this isn’t really necessary. I was just afraid I wouldn’t have enough of the red to fill the entire container.
Finally, take an old belt and wrap it around your glass container. Buckle the belt (pierce a hole if you need to) and trim off any excess.
And now we have some super cute and super simple Christmas decor!
I stuck mine up on my mantle. You’re getting a little sneak peek!
There will be a full reveal at a later date.
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    Fun and festive and best of all, do-able! Thanks for sharing this on Throwback Thursday – I’ll be pinning it to our board, so make sure to follow! πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays!

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    This is such a cute idea; I’ll remember this for next year–adding it to my idea list. I hope someone will Pinterest this too–would you object if “someone” asked to Pinterest your project? I’m just askin’–;) Merry Christmas!

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    I’m all over the Santa belt decorating idea! Your project is so creative!

    I’m waiting for my Santa suit ornament craft to dry so I can start linking up …

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    Stopping over from Some What Simple’s linky party. This is such a creative and adorable idea. Makes me want to go grab a belt and start cutting away! Pinning this so I remember it for next year!

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    WAY adorable!! Get this….I saw this on Sew Woodsy before I saw it on your blog!!! I thought, wow, cute…what is this? … clicked on it. It was YOU!!! LOL Just reconfirming why I follow you in the first place!!! LOL Love this idea. You could even fill the jar with fresh cranberries!


  1. […] The Scrap Shoppe blog shows you how to turn an ordinary glass vase into a Santa belt decoration. I bet you have an old black belt in your closet that doesn’t quite fit anymore. I know that I do! (Maybe because I’m always making crafts involving candy;-) […]

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