Make It: Window Flower Box

I don’t know about you, but I love window boxes! Seeing fresh flowers in front of windows as I drive by a house makes me so happy. The thought of the person inside waking up and seeing those flowers first thing in the morning… it must be a glorious sight!
I’ve always wanted window boxes, but haven’t really seen any store bought versions that made me giddy. For my patio makeover, I thought that making my own window flower box to complement my new shutters would be a fun project. And I’m here to today to share the plans with you!
I know I’ve been showing this photo a lot, but it is just such a dramatic change from the before to the after that I have to keep sharing it! In case you haven’t seen this photo before, its the exterior of my potting shed pre-makeover.

I’ve drawn out the plans for the window flower box to make it super simple to reproduce.
You will need:
2 1×6″ boards measuring 36″
1 1×4″ board measuring 36″
2 1×4″ boards measuring 5.5″
3 bags of shims – trim 31 shims to 5.5″, cutting off the thin end
Piece together the 1×6’s and 1×4’s to make the box using wood glue and nails.
Once the shims have been trimmed, use wood glue to add them to the front and sides of the window box. As they are placed on the box, alternate which direction they go. This will give the window box a fun contrast.
How you choose the to hang the window box may depend upon what you are hanging it on.
Wood, bricks, siding…
Mine is going to be hung on vinyl siding which is backed with wood. My husband cleverly built this frame for hanging the box using 1×2’s.
He glued and nailed 2 1×2’s measuring 24″ together, after first cutting the side of one of the 1×2’s at a 45 degree angle. He then attached a second 1×2 measuring 24″ and also having a 45 degree edge to the back of the window box.
All of the 1×2’s fit snugly together where the wood is cut at 45 degree angles.
We screwed the frame directly under the window frame and into the wood behind the vinyl. Its super secure and isn’t going anywhere.
I stained the window box with 1 coat of Minwax Dark Walnut stain followed by 3 coats of polyurethane.
Before hanging the box, I filled it with flowers and plants that would add height and hang over the edge. The box can be easily set on the frame and removed later for changing out the flowers.
I love the way it looks with the red shutters! And I purposely designed the window box to not stick out far from the side of the potting shed so that a chair can be set under it and the person sitting in it doesn’t have to worry about hitting their head.
And those shims? I just love how they ended up looking on the window box. Especially after staining!

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    Wow! That looks so great. It really changes the look of the whole house from the outside. Thank you for linking up and sharing this at #HomeMattersParty Hope to see you again soon.

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    so funny I was talking with honey about making me a few flower boxes and we couldn’t decide how they hook to the window and I totally forgot to google it. Now not only do I have a cool flower box to make, I know how to add them to the window!!! How is that for lucky!! I love the way the shims turned a boring wood box into something wow!! So unique and whimsical! Great staining too, I love the variations in color! Thanks for sharing with Snickerdoodle though hubby might not be as happy now I can show him what he needs to do lol!


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