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BML Guest Post – Angie from The Country Chic Cottage

Hello all!  I am Angie with The Country Chic Cottage and I am thrilled to be here on The Scrap Shoppe!  Michele — I hope you are having a wonderful maternity leave!!  I really needed a new centerpiece for my table for spring.  So this is what I came up with…
Ready to add some blooms to your table?  I started with a milk glass hobnail planter…cause well I heart hobnail! 🙂
Stuff in some styrofoam…just any you have laying around will do.
Push in some sticks out of the yard.  Now if you are counting…I have five sticks and my finished product only has 4…I abandoned the fifth stick cause I did not like it…
I needed something “mossy” to cover up my styrofoam.  Do you wanna guess what this is??  No guesses??  It is a felted wool sweater cut into squares.  You can just hot glue the center of the squares down in your styrofoam.  Gorgeous mossy green…
Now I had these fake vines…yep they are plastic!
I just wrapped them up and down my sticks…
And I wrapped til I liked the look.  I left a few stragglers to hang off the side of the pot.
Now for the tissue paper flowers I just cut two squares of golden yellow tissue paper…
Put them together like so….
Gather the center together with your hand.
And apparently I have a hard time taking pics of this step cause I tried many times! 🙂  But just squeeze the bottom really tight and twist some to hold.
Then just arrange your blooms on your twigs and glue!  Easy as can be!
Love those yellow blooms for spring!  And the green “moss” really makes them pop!
Rustic with a touch of elegance!
Y’all head on over to my blog for even more great tutorials and posts! 
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Plus oh so much more!  Come and join us at the cottage anytime! 
Thanks again Michele for having me!

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Beverly @

Monday 25th of April 2011

How pretty for spring! I have several hobnail glass dishes from my grandmother - I think I need to get them out and put together a spring display. Thanks for the inspiration!


Monday 25th of April 2011

Very pretty and now I know what that type of glass is called. I have always thought it was pretty - probably because of the texture ;) Anyway, it is a gorgeous project!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

Saturday 23rd of April 2011

Thanks once again for having me!!

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