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Entryway Artwork

In case you missed it, here is the guest post I did last month over at the fabulous

I want to share with you what is a slight
embarassment to me.

My entryway!

IMG 0895
Ugh! Super boring, right? We’ve lived in our house for 6 years now and it still looks like this! I’ve been on the lookout for the *perfect* table for my entryway for ages, but in the meantime surely there is something I can do with this space!
IMG 0896
My focus today is the wall to the right. The first thing people see when they walk in my home.

My big plan is to make some ENTRYWAY ARTWORK!
IMG 0892
My artwork will need a frame, so I started with two 8′ pieces of decorative wood trim, and one piece of 36″ flat trim with rounded edges.

I had the hubs cut all of the trim down to size for me.
IMG 0894
Then we cut each of the decorative trim pieces to a 45 degree angle.
IMG 0917
Next up, prime and spray paint all of the trim. I used Rust-oleum Satin Espresso paint.
IMG 0920
I had a 4′ wide piece of plywood that was made from a combination of synthetic wood (on the interior) and the real wood (on the exterior). It only cost ~$5!
IMG 0919
This little guy really wanted to help, but we had him stand around and look cute in an extra pair of safety glasses.  😉
IMG 0985
I had the hubs cut the plywood into three 13″x13″ pieces which I primed and painted in Behr Awning Red.
IMG 0980
Time to get the trim up on the wall! We mounted it with liquid nails…
IMG 0983
…And held it in place with painters tape. And you can bet your bottom dollar that frame is level!

I was fired once from a job around the house by the hubs because I wasn’t keeping a project perfectly level… but I digress! Luckily I wasn’t fired from this job!
IMG 0984
Remember those two pieces of flat trim? We put those inside the frame so that we had 3 nice squares.

Can you guess what’s going in the those squares by now?
IMG 0987
Yep! Those three red 13″x13″ pieces.
IMG 0989
Apparently our boards were a teensy bit warped which wasn’t really noticable until we mounted them on the wall. So instead of holding the boards indefinitely until the liquid nails dried, my ingenious husband said, “Hold these!” and ran off to the bathroom and snagged the shower curtain rod. Pretty smart!
IMG 0991
After an hour or so we decided everything should be dry and removed the shower curtain rod.

And, ta-da!! Isn’t it lovely? Okay, so its a little boring. Where’s the “ART” part of this Entryway Artwork?
IMG 0993
To add my “ART“, I attached some clear photo corners to two of the red frames. They are adhesive-backed, but I thought I would need to add some more adhesive to be sure they would stay on. Not so!! They were plenty sticky all on their own.
IMG 0994
So two of my frames ended up looking like this. They are hard to see, but there is a photo corner in each of the 4 corners.
IMG 1002
I was able to slip my “ART” into the the corners.

Any guesses what my art is?
IMG 1001
Its a 12″x12″ scrapbook layout!

As a scrapbooker, I find that I want to display my pages instead of tucking them away into an album. Because really, who’s going to go flipping through my albums except my other scrapbooking friends?
IMG 0997
I placed my embroidery hoop monogram wall art in the center frame. Its starting to bother me now that I see in the photo that its not exactly centered at the top and bottom… that will soon be remedied!
IMG 1000
Here is the final project! And, I have to say, I’m loving it!

And the best part? I can interchange those scrapbook layouts. I can add my latest ones, change them up by season or holiday, or even change them up for whatever is going on at the house! We are celebrating my son’s 2nd birthday in a couple of week’s so you can bet there will be two layouts of him up for the birthday party!
IMG 0998
So here is my somewhat improved entryway. I love that my guests now have something to look at as they enter the house! Now I just need to find that perfect table for the other wall…

This project was super inexpensive. We had to purchase the wood trim, the plywood, the liquid nails and the paint. So about $30 or less total!
And, minus the cutting and painting which we did earlier, we had this project up on the wall by the end of naptime!
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Kassi @ Truly Lovely

Thursday 24th of February 2011

That is great wall filler! And so befitting you and your scrapbooky-ness! haha... That's totally a word! Awesome use of the shower rod! ;)

Gabrielle Krake

Friday 3rd of September 2010

What a great project! Thanks for the tuto explaining how you did it!


Thursday 2nd of September 2010

I think I commented on this when you were on Tatertots and Jello! What a great project - love how you did it all yourself and everyone helped. Fun!

★All Thingz Related★

Monday 30th of August 2010

We are so glad you joined us for Anything Related! Come back tomorrow for another great party!


Friday 27th of August 2010

Visiting via Weekend Wrap Up, you all did a wonderful job on this. Very welcoming entryway.

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