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Epic Playroom Spaces

Hello and happy Friday!

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Today we are wrapping up ideas for playrooms and I am sharing some pretty epic playroom ideas that any kid, or even adult for that matter, would love to spend hours in their space having fun.

Amazingly Epic Playroom Spaces!
There are so many cool and creative playrooms that you can create. Here are just a few that caught my eye!

3. Westport Modern Farmhouse by Chango 49
Add some swinging chairs to the space, perfect to crawl up and read a good book on. Just be sure to find the ceiling joist!

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This room is a great room that will grow up with your kids. Shoot, I want to hang out in here too! There are so many fun things to do but also places to relax and just hang out.

(Kid’s Room Ideas)
Talk about a cool space! Houses and monkey bars- so fun!

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(Bolig Magasinet)
Create a unique space with a slide for hours of fun!

DIY Explore Marquee Sign by Two ThirtyFive Designs 8
(Two Thirty-Five Designs)
Who wouldn’t love their own little fort inside so you can play no matter what the weather is like outside?!

DIY PVC Pipe Ball Pit
(Empathy Encompassed)
For anyone who is a germaphobe when it comes to ball pits in public spaces, build one in your house using PVC pipes! Such a great idea!

DSC 3224edit
(Brooklyn Nicole Homes)
Have some kiddos that have a lot of energy ALL. THE. TIME? Create an indoor gym for them complete with rock wall, swing, climbing ladder and more!

DSC 5847 min
(The Created Home)
Check out this space with it’s own cabin and rope bridge to get to another section! I would have LOVED this space growing up!

IMG 6547
(Fun at Home with Kids)
Here is another great space for active kids that are smaller.

HELLO, awesome reading net or hang out spot! If you have tall ceilings in a space, this would be a super cool addition!

(The Good Stuff Guide)
Check out this super fun basement that has turned into the great outdoors with all sorts of cool stuff scattered around the space.

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Imaginative play is an important part of a young child’s development and this space let’s their little imaginations run wild!!


Aren’t those all fabulous?! Which one was your favorite?


Must Have Craft Tips & More!
Be sure to come back next month when we start a whole new room!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.