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Football Player and Football Costumes

These football player and football costumes are perfect for young siblings for Halloween!

Football Player and Football Costumes

Football Player and Football Costumes

Happy Halloween!

How cute are these boys in their football player and football costumes??

They get to wear their costumes to daycare today for a Halloween party.

Not quite as elaborate as last year’s pirate costume, but this little football player and football are complete cuties in my book.


Football Player Costume

My oldest son’s costume was super easy to put together.

We already had the football jersey and the helmet.

I just purchased a long sleeve white t-shirt and gray sweatpants that I rolled up to the knee.

Hike those socks up and you’re a football player!


And I’ve got a quick and easy tutorial for Baby Boy’s football onesie.

football baby costume
Football Costume Supplies:

brown onesie (Hobby Lobby)

white fabric

fusible webbing

scissors & iron

I used an old white maternity shirt for the white fabric since I had it on hand and don’t wear it anymore.

I cut off half the the v-neck collar so I would have a nice long piece of material to play with.

It was also the perfect width!

Since the material on the collar is actually double thick from being folded over, I cut it into one layer which gave me two strips of material of the same width.

baby football onesie
Football Costume Directions:

I trimmed the pieces of material to fit my onesie.

And, yes, footballs have 8 laces, and I only have 7.

I ran out of room!

I followed the instructions for using the fusible webbing and ironed on all of my pieces.

Pretty cute and not bad for a quick costume!

Baby Boy is also wearing a UT jumpsuit.

Mostly to keep warm, but it adds to the fact that he is a University of TN football.

halloween mummy wrap candy bars
The kids at school get to “trick or treat” with each other so I made the infamous mummy wraps that are all over the web.

So fun!

I’ve got a quick tutorial, too, since mine are in mini form.

I don’t know if its different than the large bars, but I haven’t looked at any directions.

mummy candy bars
Mummy Candy Supplies:

snack size Hershey bars

white crepe paper


scrap black paper

brown distress ink

white and black glitter glue

double-sided tape

mummy candy bar directions
1. Since I could probably only wrap the crepe paper twice around the candy bars as is (which would be pretty boring for a mummy), I cut strips of my crepe paper in half lengthwise (each strip was roughly 10-12″ long).

2. I wrapped the candy bar longways first, using my double-sided tape on the ends of the crepe paper. This way the top and bottom of the mummies will be covered.

3. Next, wrap around the short side of the candy bars.

4. Cut a small square of the black scrap paper and tape it down ~1/2 and inch from the top of the candy bar.

5. Wrap around the short side of the candy bar again with crepe paper, but leave a sliver of the black paper showing.

6. Optional: ink the edges of the crepe paper with brown distress ink.

7. I didn’t have any googly eyes, so I used glitter glue instead. Put a large circle of white glitter glue on the black paper.

8. Allow the white glitter glue to dry then add a small circle of the black glitter glue on top of the white.

And there you have it!

Mini Candy Bar Mummies!

halloween spider cupcakes
For the Halloween party at daycare I made spider cupcakes.

(A big thanks to Christy Wallingford on Facebook for the suggestion!!)

spider halloween cupcakes
These were really fun to make!

M&M’s for the eyes, black licorice cut into small strips for the legs, sprinkles for the body.

I think they will be a big hit with the 3 year olds!

halloween munch recipe
And, finally, a concoction I’m dubbing Halloween Munch!

Halloween Munch

Quaker Oatmeal Squares

miniature marshmallows

small pretzel rods

honey roasted peanuts

Reese’s Pieces


Autumn Candy Corn mix


Toss & Enjoy!

halloween snack mix recipe
The munch I actually made for work so I bagged it up in these cute little

Halloween treat bags I found at Target.

We have a lot of undergraduate students that work in our lab, so I knew they would love a special Halloween snack today!

My coworkers received bags also.


I’ll be back yet again this evening with a look at our pumpkins we carved yesterday and share a pic of them all lit up and, of course, the aftermath of trick or treating!

But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my boys in their football player and football costumes!


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>> See where I party! <<

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Sierra @ The Blue Robin Cottage

Tuesday 1st of November 2011

Oh my gosh!! Wicked is my favorite musical of all time!! I'm so glad you had the chance to see it!! :) How exciting!! :) Plus I love all of these adorable Halloween treats!! Sooo cute!! Thank you so much for sharing! :)


Monday 31st of October 2011

You were super busy getting ready for Halloween! Your boys look too cute in their costumes. Love your spider cupcakes and the mummy candy bars. What a neat way to give the candy bar a Halloween look!

Kara @ Mine for the Making

Monday 31st of October 2011

The boys look adorable and I love all of your treats!! Spider cupcakes look way fun!

The Answer Is Chocolate

Monday 31st of October 2011

WOW so much in this one post. I love love love love WICKED! I want to see it again so badly ( now that I have memorized all of the songs because I do have the soundtrack!) And your guys are the most adorable football players ever! Too cute! And the treats? YUM. Have a fun filled "BOO" day!

Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

Monday 31st of October 2011

Oh wow - so much fun in one post! :)I am super envious of Wicked - I really want to see it!I LOVE your little football guys - they are so super cute!!All the Halloween treats are awesome!! Those mummy candybars are my favorites - their one eye peeking out cracks me up!

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