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Harry Potter & Hedwig Pumpkins

Turn your favorite book characters into pumpkins, in this case, Harry Potter & Hedwig pumpkins!

Harry Potter & Hedwig Pumpkins
I have two little readers on my hands, and I could not be happier about it!

I’ve always loved getting lost in a good book, and it makes my heart so glad to see it passing on to my boys!

Last year when my oldest turned 9 I gave him the first Harry Potter book.

He loved it!

So I’ve been slowly parceling out the next books over time.

Well, his 7 year old little brother decided he needed to read them, too.

So now they are both burning through the books!

My oldest is currently reading book 5 and the younger one is on book 4!

Holy moly!

To say they are both Harry Potter obsessed would be an understatement at this point.

We recently hosted a Harry Potter birthday party for my oldest.

So when they were assigned at school to decorate a pumpkin based on their favorite book character… well, you can guess how that went!

How fun did these Harry Potter & Hedwig pumpkins turn out???

Harry Potter Pumpkin
Harry Potter & Hedwig Pumpkins: Harry Potter

My youngest chose Harry Potter for his pumpkin.

The base is a faux white round pumpkin (affiliate link).

I helped sketch the face, but my son did all of the painting.

He did such a good job!

I had an extra set of glasses left over from the party goodie bags so I took the sides off and hot glued them to the face.

My son showed off his sewing skills and sewed the Griffindor scarf himself!

We used 1 piece of red felt and 1 piece of yellow.

We cut the red into thirds as 3 long strips.

I did sew the ends together for him to make one long piece.

Then we cut squares of the yellow and pinned them in place.

Then my little guy sewed all the yellow pieces on.

I was so proud of him!

Turn your favorite book characters into Pumpkins!
Pretty good for 7 years old!

It looks just like Harry Potter, if I do say so myself.

Hedwig pumpkin
Harry Potter & Hedwig Pumpkins: Hedwig

My ten year old wanted to make Hedwig.

The base is a tall, oval white faux pumpkin (affiliate link).

He drew all of the owl decorations himself!

I only helped with the feathers since we were using hot glue.

The beak is a piece of cardboard my son painted black.

The Hogwarts letter is leftover from our Harry Potter party.

We used large white feathers, small black feathers, and fluffy white feathers for the wings and head.

Turn your favorite book characters into Pumpkins!
She turned out so good!

And because the boys used faux pumpkins they can keep these as long as they want and keep them on their bookshelves with their Harry Potter books.


I’m so proud of how the boys Harry Potter & Hedwig pumpkins turned out!


>> See where I party! <<



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Friday 9th of November 2018

These are so very cute! Something to keep in mind for Halloween for next year for us.

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