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Homemade Christmas Decor – The Scrap Shoppe

Welcome to week 2 of a Homemade Christmas
with the Scrap Shoppe!Link up your projects at the end of this post.
This week we have some fabulous bloggers lined up to show off some fun
Homemade Christmas decor!
IMG 1832
Today I want to share a set of Christmas trees made almost entirely of holiday ornaments.
I have a black and white theme in my kitchen so black, white, silver are the colors I used.
You could easily switch this up to match your own decor!
IMG 1838
Tree #1
IMG 1708
1. Start with a foam cone.
2. Trim it down to size as needed. I trimmed mine to fit in my hutch nook.
IMG 1716
3. Stock up on miniature ornaments (I bought mine half off at Hobby Lobby).
4. Chenille stems come in handy to fill in gaps between the ornaments on the tree.
IMG 1719
Note: My adhesive (Beacon’s 3-in-1) literally ate a crater in the styrofoam.
Which leads me to step number 5…
IMG 1720
5-6. I wrapped the cone in some silver mesh so the adhesive would have something to grab on to (and not make craters in my styrofoam!).
IMG 1723
7-8. Start adding your ornaments one row at a time, being sure to rotate your colors and style of ornament.
IMG 1725
9. Take one of the chenille stems and twist it into a hook.
10. Bend the bottom of the hook back up.
11. Wrap it over the top of the first hook to make an identical second hook on top of the original hook.
12. Trim the stem at the bottom of the hooks and adhere to the tree between the cracks in the ornaments.
IMG 1826
13. Top with a bow!
IMG 1711
I have some fun vintage-looking candlesticks that I thought would look cute under some of my trees. I was even more excited when I discovered they unscrew to give me various pieces! I took the very bottom of one of the candlesticks and used it as the base of Tree #1.
IMG 1842
Tree #2
IMG 1798
1. Take a piece of white cardstock and roll it into a cone.
2. Tape the top of the cone to make it keep its shape.
3. Trim off the excess off of the bottom so the cone will sit flat.
(Not shown, I also sprayed the cardstock with some silver glitter spray.)
IMG 1800
4. Get some bead garland (I had mine on hand already).
IMG 1805
5. Put a line of adhesive along the bottom of the cone.
6. Add the garland and let dry.
IMG 1812
7. Begin wrapping the garland around the cone.
8. Wrap the garland to the top of the cone then adhere the end of the garland to the top of the cone.
IMG 1815
9. Find some decorative ribbon.
10. Adhere the end of the ribbon to the bottom inside of the cone.
11. Drape the ribbon around the cone in a decorative manner.
12. Adhere the end of the ribbon to the back side of the top of the cone.
IMG 1837
Add a tree topper of choice. I used this snowflake ornament I found for half off at Hobby Lobby. I attached it by layering several pop dots at the top of my tree and sticking the snowflake to it.
IMG 1834
Tree #3
IMG 1818
This is by far the easiest of the 3 trees!
1. Take 3 regular-sized ornaments and adhere them one on top of the other.
IMG 1824
2-3. Take some of the decorative ribbon from Tree #2 and wrap it around where where the ornaments are glued together.
I set the tree in one of my candlesticks.
IMG 1843
I set my trees up on some crushed black velvet that I had in my stash and scattered around extra ornaments.
IMG 1845
I also added some of the larger ornaments the garland on top of my hutch to tie everything together.
– – – – – – –
We all want to see what you’re making, too, so be sure to link your homemade Christmas decor to the party below!
The link party will be open until December 19th then I will pick some from the list to show off!
Please link only homemade Christmas decor ideas!

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Sandi magle

Saturday 19th of December 2015

Great idea using mesh on the styrofoam, I have used chickenwire. The only paint I have found that satisfactorily covers styrofoam is Designmasters floral paint. It is acetone based and a fine mist, generally used on fabrics, florals, glass, just about anything. Some craftstores carry it, Michael's here in the Chicagoland does. This is what florists use on everything from live plants to everything else.

Great post, and you have a new follower...thanks, Sandi


Wednesday 22nd of December 2010

I love your trees! I used the same technique (cardstock cone) and tinsel to make a couple of trees for my dining room as well. Thanks.


Tuesday 21st of December 2010

Just dropping by to let you know that I linked to this post in a round up today from the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. :) This will appear in the main Craft Gossip RSS feed, on the main home page and can be found directly here

If you would like a "featured by" button, you can grab one here!


Thursday 16th of December 2010

So pretty! I LOVE the black and white - great tip about the spray paint ate my styrofoam!


Monday 13th of December 2010

Love the beaded Tree!

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