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Meal Plan Part 2 – Menu Board/Pantry Door Makeover

pantry door 1
I was determined to get a meal plan organized for my household before my maternity leave came to an end. With a toddler to include in mealtime and a baby to distract from mealtime, I felt it was important to have an organized method to go about getting us all fed a decent meal each night. No more coming home and saying, “What’s for dinner??”
I am happy to say that our meal plan did indeed get implemented just before my leave came to an end and it has been working great for several weeks now! It makes cooking and grocery shopping alike so much easier!
I’m going to present our meal plan to you in 3 parts.
You can find Part 1 here: Recipe Book.
You can find Part 3 here: Putting it all together.
This is part 2!
Now that our new meal plan was being implemented we needed somewhere to write down what was for dinner for the week. I’d been itching to put some chalkboard paint (I have a slight addiction to the stuff) on the pantry/laundry room doors. They are those cheap-ish fakey wood doors with the fakey wood-grain texture. The chalkboard paint probably wouldn’t have been great there, but I wasn’t sure what else to do.
Enter an especially beneficial trip to JoAnn’s!
I found the most amazing adhesive-back dry erase sheets!
AND they matched my kitchen!
AND I had a 40% off coupon. 😉
pantry door 2
Now my doors have a fabulous makeover!
Isn’t it pretty? Its a great floral and flourish motif.
And the green matches the walls in my kitchen perfectly. 🙂
pantry door 3
The dry erase sheets were a cinch to use. There were two large sheets (I only used 1 for both doors!) in the roll. I simply measured the inside panels on my doors then transferred those measurements onto the dry erase sheet and started cutting. Easy peasy!
pantry door 4
Too get the sheets onto the door I simply unpeeled a little bit of the backing at a time starting at the top so I could get all the corners nice and lined up. I used a roller as I went to make sure I didn’t get any bubbles. And if I did happen to get a bubble, it was simple to just peel a corner of the sheet up and smooth it down again.
pantry door 5
When I bought these dry erase sheets I thought they were white and green, but actually the only color on them is the green. The rest is clear. So whatever color wall, door, or whatever that you put them on will come through. So for my doors, it also means the wood grain white comes through which I really kind of like!
pantry door 6
I really can’t get enough of how well my new pantry doors look! I feel super proud of myself every time I walk by them.
And, of course, we now have the perfect place to write our weekly menu!
I also use the doors for reminders and other notes. And, best of all, when we have company they can be wiped clean and no one is the wiser to what my fabulous new door decor really is! 😉
pantry door 7
And now I have a slight conundrum for you. I’ve thought about trimming the door with some fabulous black ribbon I picked up. Just to polish the edges of the dry erase sheets a bit.
pantry door 8
What do you think? It would be simple to add…
pantry door trim
Here’s a mock up of what it would look like (I just drew some lines on the photo).
Yay or nay?
Keep in mind that I have some uber fabulous vintage black porcelain doorknobs to add to the doors and that my major decor in the kitchen is black and white with green thrown in.
Next week I’ll share Part 3, the final part of the meal plan where I put all of the pieces together for you!

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Saturday 21st of March 2015

Love Love this idea, however, I have been unable to find the product "Domestic Bliss Decor - Organize with Dry Erase" anywhere.

Has anyone been able to find it?

Michele McDonald

Wednesday 25th of March 2015

Hi Alalia! I went by my Jo-Ann's yesterday and they did not seem to have it in stock anymore. :(


Friday 20th of February 2015

I know this is an old posting but could you share the paint color from the walls if you know it? Thanks. You can email me.

Michele McDonald

Sunday 22nd of February 2015

I will see if I can find the original paint chip and get back to you. :)


Thursday 21st of June 2012

I like it without! Cute idea and I'm loving your blog :)

corner pantry cabinet

Milliscent Morgan

Monday 4th of June 2012

I love this site about pantry doors, so it could be better if you can keep on posting!

Tom and Ashley

Friday 7th of October 2011

Any ideas where to find this dry erase at? I have checked EVERYWHERE, and can't find any information on it even online...any help is much appreciated! thank you!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.