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Nashville Container Store Sneak Preview

I spent an absolutely lovely afternoon today surrounded by… containers! 🙂 
The Container Store has finally come to Nashville, 
and I was invited to come by for a sneak preview! The official opening is this Saturday. 
I can’t wait to go back again and actually purchase things! 
(If I’d been allowed to purchase today I can pretty much guarantee you that my car would have come home loaded to capacity!) 
Since I couldn’t purchase, I took lots of photos to share with you instead! 
This was my first time in a Container Store.
I’ve only ever ordered their products online.
Talk about being a little overwhelmed!
The Nashville store is 25,000 square feet of row after row of organizational yumminess.
I don’t know about you, but I love to organize.
It must be the OCD in me. 😉


We started off by being greeted to a delicious lunch.
As more bloggers arrived (I was a bit early), I was able to watch the guys in the above picture work on some of the displays. It was amazing to watch them work with arranging real flowers and styling the areas.


We were also greeted with a super swag bag (more on that later).
Alexandra was our hostess and wowed up with fun facts about The Container Store while we ate such as:
they have over 80 different hanger styles
over 700 office supplies
over 120 food storage containers
over 170 bows and ribbon
over 540 products to organize the kitchen
And the list goes on!
My friend and fellow blogger Deneen from Dreaming in Color was at the event also. She cheesed for the camera for me. 🙂 There were probably about 12-15 bloggers at the event.
Nice and intimate!


One of The Containers Store’s biggest claim to fame is its organizational system called Elfa. The units in the system can be used for various rooms of your house such as the closet, office, and garage. They do free consulting if you bring in dimensions of your space!


These are a few of the aisles that just blew me away.
Can I organize my closet by hanger color? Seriously. Love these options!
The green containers would be fabulous storage containers for my kitchen. 
LOVE the color and pattern!
Next up, an aisle full of trash cans. Yes, trash cans!
And not just any trash cans. CHIC trash cans!!
Hooks, hooks, and more hooks. They boast to have over 170 different ones!
Alexandra is showing us the collapsible storage bags.
A great idea for the back of your car, right? That was my thinking. 
Storage containers GALORE. I’ll take one of each!
Beautiful shelving options. I adore the brocade shelves!


And now a few of my favorite products…
These metal drawers? LOVE!
I think I need one in every color. 
And there are a LOT of colors to choose from!
Washi tape.
Need I say more?
Can you believe all of these options??


These acrylic trees are jewelry holders.
I think they are stunning!
I also found matching hooks!
So fun.


They even have a lot of fun products for kids.
The Lego storage is a lot of fun and doubled a fun platform to build on. 
The puppy drawers are available in various sizes and positively adorable!
And some of the hooks for children’s rooms just blew me away. 
I need those animal hooks for my nursery!


A few more fun products were this scalloped tissue paper. I’ve never seen it before!
The colored glass bottles were a big favorite with me also.
And finally, these storage containers the arrow is pointing at are perfect for the kiddos for travel. 
The bottom is snack storage and the top is for drinks and has a straw.
They screw together for easy carrying!


Deneen and I!
The combination of me being so short, 
and Deneen an amazon makes us look like quite the odd couple. 🙂


When I got home, I finally got to get a good look at the swag The Container Store sent us home with. Lots of organizational fun!
Have you been to a Container Store?
If not, does it look like a place you would love?
I can’t wait to go back!


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Alison @ Oopsey Daisy

Monday 7th of November 2011

WOW!! I am so jealous that you got a sneak preview of the Container Store!! What fun VIP treatment... I love that store!

The Answer Is Chocolate

Friday 4th of November 2011

OK even though I have a Container store nearby I am totally jealous of your sneak peek!! WOW! I love to just wander aimlessly through the store and ALWAYS find something...ALWAYS! What a great opportunity and so cool that you and Deneen got to be there together! And great swag! Luckeeeeeeee!


Friday 4th of November 2011

I absolutely love the container store. How fun that you got a to go to the sneek peek and can't wait hear about that swag you got :)

Kara @ Mine for the Making

Friday 4th of November 2011

SO SO fun!!! My OCD just did a back flip after this post! LOVE all of the organizational options...I could see myself spending oodles of time (and money) at this store! What a great swag bag too! By the way, you are so cute and I LOVE your scarf ;)

Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

Thursday 3rd of November 2011

oh wow!! I have never been in a Container Store but it looks so fun!! I think there's one down in San Diego. I'll have to check it out! (I make that sound like it's so far away. lol)All those hooks are killing me - that is awesome. And I've been trying to figure out how to organize my shoes. Looks like this would be a great place to figure it out!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.