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Starburst Straw Chalkboard Wreath

Its almost party time! My youngest son’s first birthday party is THIS Saturday! I’ve been busying creating and baking (yep, I start the baking early) so as not to totally stress myself out by the weekend.
I bought some adorable gray, orange, and blue paper straws on Pick Your Plum a couple of months ago knowing they would be the color scheme of this party. There were so many in the pack that I knew I had more than I would need for our party drinks! So I decided to get creative with them and make something I could use as decor during the celebration.
I recalled seeing this adorable straw wreath at Tatertots & Jello and decided to do my spin on it with the addition of a chalkboard in the center!
I started with a piece of scrap cardboard and used a bowl to trace a large circle. I used my circle cutter to cut out a piece of chalkboard vinyl (also purchased from Pick Your Plum) to place in the center of the cardboard.
I cut my straws to varying lengths and glued them to the cardboard with my Beacon’s 3-in-1, overlapping my vinyl by ~1/4 of an inch.
Here is a look at both the front and back of the wreath.
I love the impact this project has without a lot of serious work involved! Cutting the straws did not take long at all by sawing/cutting them with an X-acto knife.
I doodled out my son’s name and a little car that matches his birthday invitations with colored chalk.
I used the same 3M picture hanging strips on the back that I used on my corkboard to hang the wreath on the wall. It makes for some great decor in my son’s bedroom! And I can easily take it down and use it for the birthday party this weekend.
I hung it over the nursery door. I love the extra pop of color it brings to the room!
So fun! And I still have plenty of straws left over to use for our party drinks.
The countdown to party is on!!

I link to these fun parties. 

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Monday 2nd of April 2012

Ok, I love that you added a chalkboard to the center of this wreath!!! Way to go making it even cooler than the original;-)

Michelle {Daydream Believers}

Saturday 31st of March 2012

This is awesome! What a clever use of materials! I swoon over all the fabulous paper-straw patters/colors out there; this is a great way to enjoy them all the time! Thanks for sharing!Happy Day,

Amy @ Positively Splendid

Thursday 29th of March 2012

LOVE this, Michele! I need to get my hands on some paper straws. :)

Rachel {}

Wednesday 28th of March 2012

I love this!!! Now I have another craft to do with paper straws!!!It turned out so cute! xoxo- Rachel

Holly Lefevre

Wednesday 28th of March 2012

CUTE! Love the chalkboard center and oh how I love paper straws!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.