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T-Shirt Tuesday – All-American Scrap Team

This coming Monday is a holiday here in the states (Canada, too!). So in honor of Labor Day and all you hardworking folks that are getting a long weekend, let’s look at a more patriotic design for this week’s T-Shirt Tuesday.

150045908v10 350x350 Front Color LightBlue

We have several Team Scrapbook designs, but this is one of my favorites. Made with the U.S. colors in mind, it features the American flag and is thus dubbed the All-American Scrap Team t-shirt. So if you’ve got a group of girls you love to scrapbook with and love celebrating the fact you live in the great nation of the United States, why not put together your own All-American Scrap Team? Its a great idea for military scrappers!


And in other news…

Shortly after my husband and I got married we adopted an 8 week old puppy from our local animal shelter. She was the cutest roley poley and the only brown pup in her litter (the rest were black). We liked that she was different and spunky. Because of her coloring, my DH came up with the perfect name for her: Sienna. We were told that she was most likely a basset hound/cocker spanial mix that wouldn’t grow to more than 30 pounds. Here she is in all her puppy cuteness that first week at our apartment…


So why am I sharing all this with you? Since we adopted Sienna on November 1st and she was approximately 8 weeks old, we dubbed September 1st has her birthday. That’s today! So HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY, SIENNA! She is a fabulous companion, super sister (to our other dog Birdie and to our son Gavin), and queen of the yard. (She’s also about 80 lbs and has NO basset hound or cocker spaniel in her that I can see!! But we love her all the same.) 🙂

IMG 3769


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Wednesday 2nd of September 2009

I didn't know Einstein was 11! Happy birthday to him, too!! Awww, our pups share a birthday. So sweet!


Wednesday 2nd of September 2009

Awww happy birthday Sienna!!! She was such a cute puppy, and is of course cute today too! Einstein's birthday is on Sept 1st too, he is 11 now :)

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