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Homemade Christmas Decor – Sweater Snowman

Upcycle an old sweater into the cutest sweater snowman!

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Hello Scrap Shoppers! 

I’m so happy to be back for another week of Homemade Christmas! 

I’m Erin from Crafts & Sutch.

diy sweater snowman

I’m a crafty girl at heart and love Christmastime! 

I especially love decorating my home for the holidays! 

Today we are making a super duper cutie pie sweater snowman out of an upcycled sweater! 

Are you ready?

sweater snowman supplies
Sweater Snowman Supplies:

The sleeve of an old sweater


Glue gun and glue

A wooden spool painted black

Two small black buttons

Two small holly leaves cut from green felt

Small red button

Orange triangle cut from felt




Not pictured:  black felt circle and a scrap of fabric. 

Disregard the needle and thread…I made this cutie no sew!

sweater snowman directions
Sweater Snowman Directions:

Turn the sleeve inside out and tie a knot around the wrist end of the sweater.

stuff snowman head with fiberfill
Turn the sleeve right side out and begin to fill with the fiberfill.

This is the snowman’s head.

Once it is filled to your desired size, tie a knot directly under the filling.

stuff snowman body with fiberfill
Fill the body with the fiberfill.

close openings of sweater snowman
After the body is stuffed, turn your snowman on his head and fold and glue the opening closed.

close sweater snowman
I folded it like a present.

sweater snowman
This is what you should have so far.

glue head to body of sweater snowman
I wanted my snowman to appear a little more “schmooshed,” so I glued the head down to the body.

sweater snowman
See? Definitely more “schmooshed” and cuter!

Glue on the black, button eyes and orange, felt nose.

snowman top hat
To create the top hat, glue the wooden spool to the top of the black felt circle.

holly embellishments for snowman top hat
Add a holly embellishment to the top hat by gluing on the green leaves and the red button.

attach snowman hat to body
Glue the top hat on his head.

snowman scarf
For the finishing touch, tie a scrap piece of fabric around his neck.

I cut little slits on each end of the scarf to look like tassels.

diy upcycled sweater snowman
Isn’t this sweater snowman adorable? 

I just love him sitting in the little winter wonderland on top of my fridge!

He might need a girlfriend.

It would be super easy to change this little guy up by adding different embellishments…perhaps twig arms, a crocheted scarf, or a tiny little pipe?

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday! 

I hope you’ll stop by Crafts & Sutch to say hi! 

Michele, thanks so much for letting me come visit again! 

I had too much fun!



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Is this not the CUTEST Christmas and winter craft you have ever seen?

Thank you so much, Erin, for sharing your talents!

>> See where I party! <<

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Saturday 13th of December 2014

love this

Jennifer Juniper

Thursday 9th of December 2010

Oh my gosh, this is brilliant repurposing!

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch

Wednesday 8th of December 2010

Michele, thank you so much for having me! You are the BEST! :)


Wednesday 8th of December 2010

I love this idea--so cute!!


Saturday 1st of November 2014

Thank you so so so much its fun and easy to make and it is so so so cute!:)

Jen @

Wednesday 8th of December 2010

so so cute!! I love that idea!!

I've shared it on my TT&J FB page :)


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.