Diaper & Washcloth Cupcake Tutorials

Okay, you asked for it so here it is!
Tutorials for making the diaper and washcloth cupcakes featured from last weeks baby shower post!
Felt (mine was a remnant)
diapers (I used size 1)
baby washcloths
burp cloths (not shown)
pinking shears
push pins
decorative ribbon
1. Open the diaper.
2. Fold the diaper in half lengthwise.
3. Start rolling the diaper tightly from the end without the cartoon image on it.
4. Roll at a slightly upward angle instead of straight across the diaper.
5. Front side of the diaper cupcake.
6. Back side of the diaper cupcake.
At this point, wrap the middle of the cupcake with a rubber band to keep it together.
7. Cut across the top of your felt with the pinking shears.
8. Lay your cupcake on the felt level with the bottom layer of the wrapped cupcake.
9. Trim the felt ~1 inch from the bottom of the cupcake.
10. Start wrapping the felt from the back side of the cupcake.
11. Wrap the felt all the way around the cupcake.
12. Trim the felt so that there is a slight overlap with the bottom layer and pin it to the cupcake with a push pin.
13. There should be about an inch of felt left at the bottom of the cupcake.
14. Fold in the side of the cupcake where to two side of felt come together.
15. Fold in the opposite side as well. Hold the two sides down with your fingers.
16. Put some adhesive on the felt where to two sides come together.
17. Fold down the remaining two sides on top of the adhesive.
18. Put a couple of push pins into the felt to hold it down while the glue dries.
(Remove them once the adhesive is dry.)
19. Take your decorative ribbon and wrap it around the felt.
20. While holding the ribbon in place, remove the push pin from the felt and push it through the ribbon and felt. Trim off excess ribbon.
21. Fold your washcloth in half.
22. Fold again so that the washcloth is in fourths.
23. Start rolling at a slight upward angle as with the diaper cupcake.
24. Wrap the cupcake with a rubber band to hold it in place then follow steps 7-20 to make the liner.
My washcloth cupcake looks a little fuzzy because I borrowed one of my son’s to make this example. Its not a true baby washcloth. The thinner baby washcloths are way cuter!
For this cupcake you can use a wash cloth or a burp cloth. The extra piece of felt used to make this cupcake makes it thicker. Its what we used for a centerpiece for the baby shower.
25. Cut a length of felt the same length as your washcloth or burp cloth. To make the felt more decorative, cut the top of the felt with pinking shears.
26. Lay the felt atop the folded washcloth and let it hang slightly over the top of the washcloth (pink arrow).
27. Roll at a slight upward angle and be sure the felt peeks through the rolled layers. Hold together with a rubber ban then follow steps 7-20 to make the cupcake liner.
To take apart the cupcake simply remove the push pin holding the ribbon and felt together. The cupcake will simply pull out of the felt. Remove the rubber band and you have a new diaper/washcloth/burp cloth for the new little one!


  1. says

    What kind of scissors did you use to get thaf scalloped edge? I’ve looked everywhere for fabric shears that do that! So far all I can find are decorative scissors for paper…definitely not strong enough for fabric.

  2. says

    These are just adorable…the way you made them is clean and classic – I have seen this idea once or twice (mostly wedding showers minus the diapers) but your execution is beyond anything I have ever seen – the best!

  3. says

    So cute! Thanks for the tutorial! I’m planning a baby shower for my sister and may have to make a few of these myself! 🙂 I do have a question; can you actually use the diapers after they’ve been rolled up or is it just for decoration?

  4. says

    I’ve got a baby shower coming up for my daughter and I LOVE these cupcakes!! Thanks for showing how to make them. They are PERFECT. Linda

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