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Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaur party
Earlier this week I shared my 3 year old’s dinosaur birthday invitations. Today I’m sharing all of the dinosaur party details!
There are so many directions a dinosaur party can go in. We went with fun dinos so as not to scare any of the kiddos. I designed a dinosaur party pack to match the invitations and based the color scheme of the party off of them.
dinosaur party table
The table backdrop is one of my favorite features! I swear those balloons sticks I purchased several years ago have come in so handy. 16 green balloons help give the look of the jungle. Further helping the effect are a couple of fun foliage sprays I found at Hobby Lobby.
cardboard dinosaur
The centerpiece of the table is this adorable cardboard dinosaur. He was a splurge for the party but totally worth it in my opinion. Added bonus? He roars! Definitely a big hit with the kids! I made a little party hat for him to wear that matches the hat on the birthday invitation.
dinosaur party table sign
Part of the party pack includes a blank sign. I put our message to the birthday boy on it then framed it for the center of the table.
dinosaur party foods
Everything on the table was dinosaur related. It is such a fun theme that coming up with ideas to incorporate dinosaurs wasn’t difficult at all!
dinosaur party food
We had dinosaur sandwiches, Brontosaurus fruit, dinosaur eggs, and even dinosaur chicken nuggets!
I dressed up plain paper cups with dinosaur stickers. An easy fix and super inexpensive since the stickers were on sale.
dinosaur volcano birthday cake
Now let’s talk about that cake!
When I think of dinosaurs, my mind naturally goes to volcanoes and extinction theories and whatnot. The birthday boy really liked the idea of having a volcano on his cake, so I worked hard to make that a reality.
The volcano is totally edible. It is layers of round chocolate cakes cut into a cone shape and covered with chocolate icing. I used orange icing for the lava as well as edible red flakes that I sprinkled over the icing. The volcano smoke plume is quilt batting wrapped creatively around bamboo skewers.
The remainder of the cake is made up of 4 sheet cakes, 2 side-by-side and stacked 2 tall. The river is blue sprinkles. The dinosaurs are from a pack of 72 that I found on Amazon. They are all ~2″ tall/long, and I used them all for various aspects of the party!
dinosaur birthday boy
I do believe this little face, as we sing him Happy Birthday, pretty much sums up the party for him. He had so much fun which makes all the hard work incredibly worthwhile! I just love this little guy so much!
dinosaur birthday bunting
The mantel was decorated with a customized banner from the dinosaur party pack. I purchased a couple of ferns specifically for the party, but I will definitely be using them out on the patio now that the party is over.
dinosaur roar letters
The ROAR letters are chipboard purchased at Hobby Lobby and covered in coordinating cardstock.
I used some of the dinosaurs the birthday boy already had to help with the decor. I even made them matching party hats. They are ready for some fun!
A very happy birthday boy with his presents!
Did you spot the balloon dinosaur in the background? I made him using balloons from the balloon mixed bag at Dollar Tree and Sharpies.
dinosaur gift bags
The goodie bags included dinosaur masks, dino stamps, plastic dinosaurs (from the 72-pack I mentioned earlier), dino stencils, and edible dinosaur eggs.
diy dinosaur dig
I really wanted to make a dinosaur dig for the kids, but the weather was so bad that day we didn’t really think we would be able to pull it together. Luckily we were able to get everything into the garage and the kids had.a.blast. digging in the sand. It was definitely a highlight of the party!
In the sand was buried dinosaur skulls, intact dinosaur skeletons, the little plastic dinosaurs, and dinosaur eggs.
I purchased inexpensive sand sifters and paint brushes for the kids to “excavate” with.
dinosaur cupcakes
While we did not serve these cupcakes at the party, I wanted to be sure and include them in the write up.
These bad boys went to school with the birthday boy for his class to enjoy on his birthday. Again with the little plastic dinosaurs! They were the perfect size to sit atop the cupcakes on a little mound of green icing grass.
This was such a fun party theme to pull together and maybe one of the simplest to-date.

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Friday 25th of March 2016

Hi - such a great party and so creative. How did you make the volcano plume with the batting? Any step by step for DIY? or additional pics? thanks so much!!


Saturday 28th of March 2015

Where did you get the tissue paper grass?

Michele McDonald

Sunday 29th of March 2015

I found it on Amazon:

Crochet Hooks

Saturday 5th of April 2014

awesome party! love the cake the most! pinning and will try this for the grandson next year! If you have time, stop by and link up to our Snickerdoodle Sunday sometime! :)

Shooting Stars Mag

Friday 4th of April 2014

This is so cute!! I love the dinosaur dig and that's great it still worked out despite being in the garage. :)


Beverly {Flamingo Toes}

Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

You are amazing - seriously!! I love how much detail you put into your birthday parties - they are so cute and fun and creative! This is one of my favorites - the cake is amazing and the little party hats on all the dinosaurs are the perfect touch! I love the little "dig" in the sandbox too. So. Much. Fun!! On an unrelated note - I can't get over how dark Caleb's hair is getting! He looks so cute but I confess I miss all those blond curls!! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.