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Every Summer has a Story {FREE Print}

Savor the summertime and remember, Every Summer has a Story! Don’t forget to create yours.

Every Summer has a Story {FREE Print}
The official 1st day of summer was just a couple of weeks ago. Have you been celebrating?

I decided I needed a fun new print to go along with summer and act as a reminder that summer only comes along once per year for just a couple of months.

So we really need to make it count!

How many summers do you have left with your children before they grow up and move out?

Make those summers memorable!

I want to be sure my boys have fond memories of summer growing up in our home.

Keeping them busy having adventures, making and eating popsicles, cooking, coloring, and all of the fun things we can think of to do.

And this print is just the thing for me to look at to be sure I do my job as a mom and parent and make sure they are having fun!


Every Summer has a Story Download

To download the file simply click here.

The image will print as an 8×10 on 8.5×11 cardstock.


And, by the way, I shared this print early via social media several weeks ago!

Did you snag it then? Be sure you’re following me!


>> See where I party! <<

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Sunday 21st of July 2013

Thank you so much for sharing this download, really appreciate, love things like this to frame or put on a piece of plywood to hang out. As a Mom of 4 kids I can sure say your kids do grow up so quickly. I wish I could start over and do it again, maybe be a better Mom. When we lived in east county area of San Diego I used to take my kids and their friends to the beach for the day. We'd all pack a lunch, I told them the rules and off we'd go. I loved it and so did all the kids. My oldest son is still friends at 50 with many of the same people as he was then. I think it's great. He moved back to same area in east county about 3 1/2 yrs ago now and he's so happy to be with them all. The only negative is his boys are in KY. Happy week and summer

Bethany Lee

Friday 19th of July 2013

Love this! The colors are awesome!


Sunday 14th of July 2013

Adorable and colorful! You don't need that to remind you. You do well without it. This is just good eye candy!


Saturday 13th of July 2013

Cute :) It's Winter here, but the message is still a good one! I've found that listing all the good things that happened in a day (at the end of the school day with my students or right before bed with my own kids) reminds children of all the valuable experiences they squeeze into their day... and reminds me that I might not be perfect but most days I'm doing OK :)

Jenn "Rook No. 17"

Wednesday 10th of July 2013

Absolutely beautiful printable, Michele! Love the colors and those flowers especially!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.